Nordisk Vindkraft announces inauguration of Havsnas wind power in Sweden

The wind farm is 75% owned by HgCapital and 25% by Nordisk Vindkraft, leasing the land from local landowners and SCA. The site and wind farm operation is managed by Nordisk Vindkraft.

The wind farm, located north of Stromsund in the County of Jamtland and with an installed capacity of 95.4MW is expected to produce clean, renewable electricity equivalent to the needs of approximately 50,000 households every year.

The Havsnas Wind Farm was designed and built to optimize energy capture while taking account of existing constraints and site sensitivities. The project consists of 48 Vestas V90 wind turbines, 70km of tracks, a substation and five wind measuring masts.

The wind turbines are situated on three hills; Ritjelsberget (21 wind turbines), Jarvsand (16 wind turbines) and Ursasen (11 wind turbines). Construction lasted for almost two and a half years, commencing in March 2008 and completing in summer 2010. Nordisk Vindkraft carried out the construction, using sub-contractors and local workers for the bulk of the building work.

Arne Lorenzen, CEO of Nordisk Vindkraft, said: "I am grateful to the local community and the local stakeholders for their support throughout the project lifetime from development through construction. I am proud of our very competent development and construction teams at Nordisk Vinkdraft for their continuous commitment to environmental protection, health and safety and the successful delivery of this project."