ECOtality Announces Partnership with Roush for Manufacturing of Blink Chargers

ECOtality, Inc. (NASDAQ:ECTY), a leader in clean electric transportation and storage technologies, announced today Roush Manufacturing – a global powerhouse in cutting-edge product development, composition, creation and testing – will manufacture ECOtality’s line of Blink home and commercial electric vehicle chargers. 

“Roush has already been hard at work creating the tooling to build our prototypes and the first Blink chargers,” said ECOtality President and CEO Jonathan R. Read. “Their attention to detail and automotive OEM (original equipment manufacturer) quality is legendary. They’ve spent hundreds of hours with our engineers understanding everything from how the Blink networked communications system functions to finding the right way to position the antenna. Now, as we move from prototypes to full-on manufacturing, we are delighted that Roush will continue as our valued partner.”

“We are proud to have had the opportunity to partner with ECOtality in bringing the Blink chargers to market,” said Roush COO Doug Smith. “ECOtality had a very clear vision for the project and an acute understanding of the public’s needs, which allowed us to effectively leverage our design and engineering expertise. The end result is a truly innovative, outstanding product that will provide drivers an easy and efficient way to recharge their electric vehicles.”

The designs of the Blink Level 2 home and commercial chargers were unveiled earlier this week. The sleek, sculptural unit boasts a bright, interactive, networked touch screen that will allow EV drivers to choose the most convenient time to charge and to program the device to charge when rates are lowest, saving consumers time and money.

ECOtality North America President Don Karner added, “In Blink, we have designed a charger that is simply smarter. It is easy to use and will help drivers make the simple, intuitive switch to electric driving and a Blink lifestyle. Roush’s expertise in converting the Blink design into a manufactured product is instrumental to achieving our most important goal: the widespread adoption of electric vehicles in the U.S. and worldwide.”

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