Southwest Windpower Acquires Deerpath Energy Inc.

Southwest Windpower (“SWWP”) announced the acquisition of Deerpath Energy Inc., a venture capital-backed leader in site analysis and deployment of small wind farm in the multiunit community and commercial channels. Since 2007, SWWP and Deerpath have been strategic partners in the development of in-depth modeling and economic software to determine optimal site selection for SWWP’s 2.4 kW Skystream 3.7 wind turbines systems.

In addition, Deerpath Energy will provide a direct pipeline to new customers and sales models for distributed energy installation. By example, Deerpath Energy oversaw the development and installation of two key multi-unit parking lot installations at a Sam’s Club location in Palmdale, Calif., and a Walmart store in Worcester, Mass.

“The commercial distributed wind market represents a huge new opportunity for Southwest’s products and services,” said Kellogg Warner, Deerpath Founder and CEO. “Deerpath’s market knowledge coupled with Southwest’s industry leading technologies creates a powerful combination.”

The acquisition will also strengthen Southwest Windpower’s product offering to expand into holistic energy monitoring and reporting systems, with more focus on the commercial and utility markets.

“Deerpath’s core competency lies in the micrositing of small wind systems which represents a unique, high value expertise as distributed applications grow beyond the residential home market,” stated Dixon Thayer, SWWP’s CEO. “We are excited to have such a talented group join Southwest Windpower to aggressively pursue new opportunities and markets in the small wind industry.”

Currently located in Massachusetts, Deerpath Energy will continue to have its office on the East Coast and will immediately begin working closely with SWWP’s Flagstaff-based team on new projects and strategies.

Southwest Windpower has been designing and distributing small wind turbines for over 22 years and is the recognized global leader in the design, manufacturing and distribution of distributed wind systems (400-3,000 watts). The company has been a pioneer in the development of wind technology and has built and shipped more than 170,000 wind turbines to over 120 countries worldwide and has sales representation in over 88 countries. Headquartered in Flagstaff, Ariz., it also has operations in Cologne, Germany, and a joint venture in Ningbo, China. Applications for the company’s products include residential homes, commercial properties, micro grids, remote cabins, telecom transmitters, offshore platforms, water pumping and sailboats.