Wind power in Chile: Canela wind farm marks a new record

The previous record was made last January, when the Wind Farm operated by Endesa Eco, subsidiary of Endesa Chile, achieved a production of 1,249.3 MWh. 

During the first quarter of this year, CO2 emissions were reduced by nearly 33,503.4 tons upon generating 52,471.4 MWh of electric power.

A new record of daily generation was made on July 12 at Canela Wind Farm, operated by Endesa Eco, a subsidiary of Endesa Chile. The operation of the 51 wind turbines reached a production of 1,356.8 MWh, surpassing the previous registry de 1,249.3 last January 1st by 8.6%.

The excellent operational management of the wind energy plant is one of the main reasons for these results, added to the favorable climatic conditions, fundamentally from the wind, temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure in the zone.

In June of this year, the Canela Wind Farm, of 78.15 MW of installed power, exhibits a production of 52,471.4 MWh, which is equal to an estimated reduction of approximately 33,503.4 tons of CO2 (a figure not yet certified).

The Wind Power park is located in the Choapa Province – Coquimbo Region- and consists in the Canela Wind Farm (18.15 MW), which entered into operations in late 2007, and Canela II (60 MW), which has been injecting its energy since December 2009. Both initiatives inject their energy into the Central Interconnected System (SIC), which supplies nearly 93% of Chile’s population.

In 2009, Canela generated 37,345 MWh, 20% more than the previous year and with an average availability of 97.3%. In addition, Canela II, since its entrance into the system late last year and until the closure of the period, generated 20,533 MWh.

The Canela Wind Energy Park represents the commitment assumed by Endesa Chile for the development of Non-Conventional Renewable Energy (NCRE). Its 78.15 MW of installed power makes it Chile’s largest wind farm and the second largest in Latin America.