Growing Consensus on Radar and Wind Power? By Tom Gray

AWEA witness Stu Webster (Manager, Permitting, Iberdrola Renewables) and witnesses for the Department of Defense and Federal Aviation Administration had very similar perspectives on the issue:

–Wind turbines and military operations/air safety can coexist;

–Such conflicts as do exist can usually be mitigated;

–There needs to be an improved process for engaging with the agencies earlier in the development of wind farms;

–A plan to upgrade radars is necessary; and

–There needs to be more mitigation R&D (research & development).

In short, no news is good news.

Some additional positive news on the radar and wind energy yesterday, coincidentally, came from the Portland Oregonian, which reported that an MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) study has found that a defense radar installation near Fossil, Ore., can be successfully upgraded to deal with interference from a large planned wind farm in the area.

As plug-in hybrid autos and electric vehicles are introduced into the U.S. motor vehicle fleet, it will become increasingly possible for wind energy to directly replace oil and enhance our national security. It’s good to know that can be done without compromising airspace security.

By Tom Gray,