French Wind Farm Developer Says Yes to Triton

Leading French wind project developer and renewable energy producer VALOREM recently added a Triton Sonic Wind Profiler to its wind resource assessment program. The purchase, which followed an initial rental Triton deployment, represents a significant endorsement by a leader in the French wind power industry.

VALOREM’s acquisition followed a four-month performance validation study at a site in southern France where Triton was installed adjacent to an 80 meter met tower equipped with Thies First Class anemometers.

Triton’s wind data compared very favorably with that generated by the Thies anemometers: average wind speeds at 60 and 80 meters agreed to within 0.1%, and the average correlation coefficient was 0.973. Reliable hub height wind data reduces resource uncertainty and provides the basis for successful wind farm developments.

Triton’s dependability was also validated by its 99.7% operational uptime during the four-month study. "Our decision to purchase Triton was based on its high correlation to anemometer data, excellent reliability and ease of deployment," says Simon Brillet, VALOREM’s Research Director.

"We are very pleased that VALOREM has selected our technology for remote wind resource assessments," added Colin France, Second Wind’s Director of European Business. "Second Wind looks forward to supporting VALOREM’s efforts to help Europe meet its renewable energy targets."

VALOREM S.A.S. has been a producer of green energy in France since 1994. An independent pioneer in the development of wind energy in France, VALOREM also has interests in solar energy solutions, waste-to-energy, and marine energy projects throughout Europe.

Second Wind develops wind measurement systems that make wind power pay off for consumers, investors and the environment. The company’s technology provides wind farm developers with the bankable wind data they need to plan, finance and operate highly efficient wind generation facilities. Second Wind’s systems are making wind farm development profitable in 40 countries on seven continents. Second Wind’s systems include the wind industry’s leading remote sensing system, wind data logger and web-based data service.