Endesa (ECyR) wins largest capacity in Canary Islands wind energy tender

ECyR will be absorbed by Enel Green Power, Enel’s specialist renewable energies subsidiary. The greatest amount of wind turbines capacity awarded to ECyR is for wind farm projects on Gran Canaria and Tenerife.

Endesa, through ECyR, won the most wind power capacity put out to tender by the Canary Islands government. It was allocated 15.7% of the gross capacity, equivalent to 69.3 MW, based on an analysis performed on completion of the re-allocation and tender process conducted by the Department of Industry.

Endesa was followed in the ranking by Alas Capital & Gas Natural and Iberdrola, with 63.8 MW and 32.2 MW of gross capacity, respectively.

Endesa Cogeneración y Renovables (ECyR) will be absorbed by Enel Green Power, Enel’s specialist renewable energies subsidiary and also one of the first companies of its kind in the world. Endesa will play an important role in this company.

Slightly more than 67% of the capacity allocated to Endesa is located on Gran Canaria and Tenerife, two islands on which more than 82% of the 440 MW of total capacity put out to tender is located. The remaining capacity awarded to Endesa in the Canary Islands corresponds to wind farm projects on Lanzarote and Fuerteventura.

Specifically, within the scope of the tender Endesa, which bid alongside local partners, will build two wind farms on Gran Canaria with capacity of 18.4 MW and 6.8 MW, respectively; two on Tenerife (16.1 MW and 5.4 MW); two on Lanzarote (9.9 MW and 3.5 MW); and one wind farm on Fuerteventura (9.2 MW).

Endesa presented wind power projects totalling 768.1 MW during this round of tenders. The company currently participates in 15 wind farms in the Canary Islands along with public entities and local entrepreneurs. Endesa’s existing wind turbines generation capacity in the Canary Islands, plus that awarded during this tender process, amounts to 128.7 MW.