Repower (Ratia Energie) increases wind power capacity to 47 MW by acquiring wind farm in Germany

Wind turbines generated electricity is an increasingly important part of Repower’s portfolio. After recently acquiring wind farms in Giunchetto (Italy) and Prettin (Germany) and increasing its interest in the Corleto Perticara wind farm (Italy) to 100%, Repower is now buying another wind farm in Germany. The new wind power plant, which has an installed capacity of 16 MW, is located in Lübbenau (Brandenburg).

Expanding its own generation capacity is one of Repower’s strategic objectives, as it aims to generate enough energy to support its trading and sales activities. To this end, Repower is investing in power plants running on a variety of technologies (hydroelectric, wind energy and thermal) in all of its key markets.

In Germany and Italy in particular, wind power is a promising technology for Repower, which is why the company is pursuing a number of projects in both markets.

16 MW wind farm in Brandenburg

Now Repower (Ratia Energie) is acquiring the new Lübbenau wind farm, a plant with an installed capacity of 16 MW commissioned in May 2010, from WKN Windkraft Nord AG, a company based in Husum (Germany).

Its eight 2 MW wind turbines are expected to generate a total of around 40 GWh of electricity a year. The installation is connected to the grid via a 4.4 kilometre cable line and the transformer station of a former brown coal power plant.

Lübbenau is located in the district of Oberspreewald-Lausitz in the south of the state of Brandenburg, around 25 kilometres west of Cottbus. Brandenburg has good conditions for generating wind power.

WKN Windkraft Nord AG is an international company that develops and operates wind installations. The two partners have agreed not to divulge the price paid for the wind farm.

Repower now generates enough wind power for a town

With the purchase of the Lübbenau installation, Repower now has four wind farms — two in Italy and two in Germany — with a total installed capacity of 47 MW. By way of comparison, this is around the same installed capacity as Repower’s Küblis power plant.

Repower now expects to generate a good 90 GWh of power a year with its own wind installations, roughly corresponding to the electricity requirements of a town of 20,000 households.