The first wind power plant is being constructed in Uzbekistan

The first experimental wind farm with the capacity of 750 kilowatt will be launched in Uzbekistan in 2010, UzA reports with the reference to Uzbekenergy state entity.

In cooperation with Korean Doojin Co., Ltd 40-meter anemometer mast, appropriate appliances and equipment have been prepared in the area of Charvak water reservoir (Tashkent Oblast). The engineers are working on measuring the wind parameters.

The average annual wind velocity in this region is 4.3 meters per second while in winter period this indicator reaches 6.6-7.1 meters per second; that ensures sustainable performance of the wind energy station.

It is expected that annual additional production of electricity will reach 2.3 million kilowatt-hours and save 700 thousand cubic meters of natural gas per year.

According to Uzbek meteorology, the wind velocity of at least 4 meters per second (empowering effective performance of the wind energy stations) is observed in the Republic of Karakalpakstan, Navoi, Bukhara, Tashkent and Kashkadaria oblasts.

Besides, the entire park of wind energy stations is going to be built in promising areas by major energy company of Uzbekistan.

The application of alternative energy sources will help save limited fuel resources, improve environmental conditions in the region and resolve the energy supply issue in remote areas.