Ministers of infrastructure will visit Arauco Wind Farm in Argentina

T the ministry of infrastructure of the government of La Rioja will organize a technical visit to Arauco Wind Farm, a wind power project developed by IMPSA.

The event is coordinated by CIMOP (Interprovincial council of ministers of Public Works). The participants of the visit will be ministers and secretaries of public works from several provinces will participate, as well as officers responsible of energy among other guests.

The event will start at 8 AM with a reception at Niando Hotel. There, the Government of La Rioja will make an official presentation. Afterwards, Mr. Spinosa from ENARSA and Mr. Costanzo from IMPSA will expose the advantages of the new wind farm

Later on, the guests will be transferred to Arauco Wind Farm to make a guided visit through the installations, where they’ll check the advantages of the work and will appreciate the high wind energy technology used by IMPSA in their machinery and process.

The wind turbines that will be installed are IWP-UNIPOWER®, made with third generation technology, the ultimate created and used in the world, and they are an exclusive design of IMPSA.

This innovative concept eliminates a great part of the equipment’s moveable components since it does not need a gear box, it reduces the number of rotating individual components, considerably reducing the times of forced stops and increasing the efficiency, thus providing a higher quantity of wind energy.

The Arauco Wind Farm, is a milestone for La Rioja and for Argentina, because it is the biggest wind farm of the country. It is a step towards the province’s power generation independence, and it represents the trust and support for the development of energetic projects from renewable resources and a clean and sustainable growth.

The government of La Rioja and ENARSA, have hired IMPSA to provide them 12 wind turbines of 2.1 MW, reaching an approximate value of USD 245 millons.