A New Start for Clean American Power and a New Economy

It will create millions of good jobs that cannot be shipped abroad and it will launch America into a position of leadership in the global clean energy economy.

Our approach sets an achievable national pollution reduction target and refunds the money raised right back to American consumers and American businesses. This is not a plan that enriches Wall Street speculators. And this is certainly not a plan to grow the government.

It is a plan that creates jobs and sets us on a course toward energy independence and economic resurgence. It is time for Democrats, Republicans and Independents to come together to pass legislation that will create American jobs and achieve energy security, while reducing carbon pollution by 17 percent in 2020 and by over 80 percent in 2050.

This bill is supported by a wide and deep coalition of business leaders, environmentalists, political leaders and others.

Denise Bode, CEO of the American Wind Energy Association, issued the following statement in response to the bill.

"The wind power industry appreciates the efforts of senators Kerry and Lieberman to address climate change in their proposal," she says. "We look forward to seeing provisions on renewable energy like a strong Renewable Electricity Standard as well as energy efficiency to create new clean energy jobs and avoid carbon in the near term in any package considered by the Senate. We urge Senate Leadership to move quickly on strong legislation."