Grasslands Moves Ten Wind Power Developers Accounting for 3,000 MW

Grasslands has executed letters of intent, which include initial financial contributions, with ten wind energy developers from across Montana and the Northern Plains to join its Wind Spirit Project. These ten wind farm developers account for over 3,000 MW of clean, renewable wind energy that will be aggregated, firmed and delivered to energy consumers.

President Carl Borgquist explained, "The Wind Spirit Project will combine intermittent, geographically diverse wind power with an integrated transmission and energy storage system that will be able to deliver 1,000 MW of firm renewable energy. The agreements with these ten wind turbines developers help us move closer to that goal."

The wind resources for the Wind Spirit Project will be collected via a series of regional transmission lines and transported to population centers using either high voltage AC or DC transmission lines. By combining renewable energy from multiple geographic areas with energy storage technologies and smart grid components, Grasslands will create a more reliable and cost-effective renewable energy supply.

"Montana and the surrounding region have some of the best wind resources in the nation. The Wind Spirit Project’s unique and innovative business model will allow wind developers from diverse geographic areas to work together in new ways to fully realize our potential," explained Jeff Arcel, the Managing Partner of Windmaker Energy, one of the participating wind developers.

Recently, Grasslands petitioned the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for a declaratory order to approve the business structure of the Wind Spirit Project. Grasslands is also awaiting a preliminary permit from FERC for a 350 MW closed-loop pumped storage hydro project in central Montana. The pumped storage system will provide the energy firming and energy storage needed for the Wind Spirit Project.

Founded in 2008 by Rocky Mountain Power (2006) Inc. and Absaroka Energy LLC, Grasslands Renewable Energy LLC is a renewable energy leader focused on providing an integrated renewable energy solution in North America. Grasslands has partnered with a Spanish engineering and renewable energy company, Elecnor S.A., offering international expertise in wind, solar and smart grid technologies.