Wave Energy Developments in 2010

Even though wave device technologies are still at the proof-of concept phase, 2010 has witnessed a flurry of UK government support for wave energy with the first recipients from the Marine Renewables Proving Fund being rewarded over £10mn.

In addition to this Carbon Trust funding, the Technology Strategy Board, the Scottish Saltire Prize and also EC funding all hold promise… but only for those companies right at the forefront. What about the rest?

The recent announcements from the Crown Estate on the Scottish waters leasing agreements marks a new dawn for the wave energy industry as commercial scale projects are moving into action for serious development. With 700MW of installed capacity on the table by 2020, the industry has a great deal to accomplish in the next decade if wave energy is going to be a viable resource.

With utilities stepping up to take real notice, progress in the Marine Bill and major developments in streamlining the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), there has never been a more exciting time for the wave energy sector.

But there are substantial challenges to overcome – and only a handful of wave energy technologies have been publicly funded so far leaving dozens of companies desperate to raise capital to progress with technical and commercial development.

Wave Energy developers to attend important meeting in London

International wave energy businesses will be meeting attending the 3rd International Wave Energy Summit, in London, June 23-24th, to discuss how to scale up wave devices in order to secure funding, beat project development targets and seize market share. The industry led event will cover;

1) Technical challenges to getting devices in the water
2) Taking devices commercial in the shortest possible time
3) Securing positions in the fast-developing wave industry supply chain

This unique two day conference will bring together international wave energy technology developers, utilities, government representatives, engineering firms and other industry experts to tackle all the key challenges facing the international wave energy industry head on.

Abbie Badcock, Director at Wave Energy Today said “This conference will equip wave energy professionals – and those looking to get into the space – with more industry facts, strategies and data than you can harvest in months. “

Badcock continues “Attendees will meet and hear from the biggest names in the wave energy industry including Aquamarine Power, Pelamis Wave Power, Ocean Power Technologies, Wave Dragon, Wavebob, The Crown Estate, NaREC, DECC, Scottish Marine, European Ocean Energy Association, National Grid, Ofgem, EMEC, Wavehub, Wave Energy Centre and the World Ocean Council. – it’s a truly stellar line up”.

Wave Energy Today (and sister company Tidal Today) organise marine renewable events that have been attended by over 800 leading wave and tidal energy executives from across the globe.