First Coulomb Charging Station for Electric Car in Tucson

Coulomb Technologies, a leader in electric vehicle charging station infrastructure, today announced that Tucson Rental Homes in Tucson, AZ has installed their first ChargePoint® Networked Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles (EV). Installed at the newly developed Tanque Verde Valley rental-housing complex located at 9855 E. Speedway, the charging station is free for residents.

The Tucson Rental Homes installation is the third local Tucson location for Coulomb’s charging stations with the first two located at Bookmans Entertainment Exchange stores. The charging stations were sold through Verdek-EV, Coulomb’s exclusive south central distributor. Coulomb and Verdek worked closely with Tucson’s Pima Association of Governments and Clean Cities to assist with the installation.

“Installing this ChargePoint charging station is significant for us because we are investing in the future in a smart way,” said Brent Sandweiss of Tucson Rental Homes. “We consider this charging station one of the great amenities of a green Rental Home Community, and we want to reward our residents willingness to use alternative energy sources. The fact that there are other charging stations nearby is an added bonus.”

Founded in 1982, Tucson Rental Homes is one of Tucson’s best hidden secrets. With 14 well located communities, including the Brand New, Super Energy Efficient Tanque Verde Valley project, they design, build and manage unique Rental Homes that feature private outdoor spaces, 10’ high arched cathedral windows, gourmet, granite kitchens, breakfast bars, large walk-in closets, Jacuzzi style tubs and many more amenities.

The Tucson Rental Homes charging station is a part of the ChargePoint® Network, which is open to all drivers of plug-in vehicles and provides authentication, management, and real-time control for the networked electric vehicle charging stations. The network of electric vehicle charging stations is accessible to all plug-in drivers by making a toll free call to the 24/7 number on each charging station, or signing up for a ChargePoint Network monthly access plan and obtaining a ChargePass™ smart card. ChargePoint Network unique features include:

* Charging status by SMS text or email notification
* Location of unoccupied charging stations via smart phones
* Authenticated access to eliminate energy theft
* Authorized energizing for safety
* Smart Grid integration for utility load management with future V2G capabilities
* A ChargePoint iPhone App
* locate available charging stations, visit and click “Find Stations”

“This latest installation in Tucson highlights the important role infrastructure plays as we prepare to welcome electric vehicles,” said Richard Lowenthal CEO of Coulomb Technologies. “Tucson will have hundreds of EV’s on the road by the end of 2010 and they will need a place to fuel. It’s a wonderful testament to vision and forward looking thinking that Tucson Rental Homes is preparing for the future of clean transportation in Arizona.”

"Tucson is excited to be a part of the growing trend of establishing infrastructure for electric vehicles. The Tucson Clean Cities Coalition is proud of the efforts we have made to expand the availability of EV infrastructure with the help of committed partners such as Coulomb Technologies,” stated Colleen Crowninshield, manager of the Tucson Regional Clean Cities Coalition as Pima Association of Governments.

Pima Association of Governments is an association of local, state and tribal governments with a mission to build consensus among its members and the public on regional planning for transportation, air quality and water quality. Clean Cities is a voluntary program of the U.S. Department of Energy to expand the use of alternatives to gasoline and diesel fuel, accelerate the use of alternative fuel vehicles and build a local refueling infrastructure for these vehicles.

Coulomb Technologies is the leader in electric vehicle charging station infrastructure with networked charging stations installed in municipalities and organizations worldwide. Coulomb provides a vehicle-charging infrastructure, with an open system driver network: the ChargePoint Network ( provides multiple web-based portals for Hosts, Fleet managers, Drivers, and Utilities, and ChargePoint Networked Charging Stations ranging in capability from 120 Volt to 240 Volt AC charging and up to 500 Volt DC charging.