ClipperCreek to Market Smart Grid Electric Vehicles Charging Station

ClipperCreek, Inc., a leading producer of plug-in electric vehicle charging infrastructure, and Silver Spring Networks, a leading Smart Grid solutions provider, announced the joint development of the first fully integrated, Level 2 Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) smart charging station. The companies are currently working with a variety of utilities to develop hardware and software needed to effectively manage the smart charging of electric vehicles.

The ClipperCreek EVSE is fully integrated with the Silver Spring Smart Energy Platform and enables end-to-end connectivity from the utility back office to the smart charging station. Utilities and municipalities looking to roll out electric vehicle charging infrastructure can now integrate ClipperCreek’s Smart Grid-networked charging stations into their demand management systems. Connecting charging stations to the Smart Grid will enable utilities and consumers to intelligently manage the charging load, keeping costs low and reduce the need to build additional generation capacity.

“It is important to manage the rapid growth of charging infrastructure to maximize the potential benefit,”said Jason France, ClipperCreek CEO. “Silver Spring Networks’ open, unified Smart Energy Platform will allow utilities and municipalities to easily integrate our charging stations without having to run separate, parallel networks.”

ClipperCreek, announced that it has begun delivering the only UL listed, fully SAE compliant charging stations on the market. The ClipperCreek CS-40 charge stations are the only stations available for immediate delivery that have been tested and met the requirements of the National Electric Code (NEC625). These units include the universal standard electronic interface and connector, making the CS-40 compatible with all major automaker electric vehicles.

The CS-40 (30 Amp charge rate) line of charge stations from ClipperCreek is in compliance with NEC625 and SAE-J1772™, which ensures its compatibility with the Nissan Leaf, the Chevy Volt, Ford Fusion BEV and all vehicles coming from major automakers.

“While it is exciting to have one station that can charge all new OEM vehicles,” commented ClipperCreek CEO, Jason France. "The most important thing is the safety listing of the units. To the best of our knowledge this is the only station that is certified to be installed in the US.”

ClipperCreek has a line of UL listed products well suited for use in residential as well as public charging settings. These units are designed to be installed either with a free-standing pedestal or on an existing structure or wall.

“I think the most compelling aspect of our product is that it is made in the USA,” said David Packard, President of ClipperCreek. “Not only is the unit assembled in California, but all the components, except the vehicle connector, are from US based suppliers and manufacturers.”

“Silver Spring is pleased to work with ClipperCreek to demonstrate how the Smart Grid can facilitate the adoption of electric vehicles,” said Judy Lin, Chief Product Officer for Silver Spring Networks. “The intelligence provided by our integration solution gives both consumers and utilities the control they need to keep electric vehicles safely and effectively charged and running.”

Energate, a leading provider of Demand Response and home energy management solutions for the utility industry, announced the signing of a strategic partnership with Silver Spring Networks, a leading Smart Grid solutions provider, to offer a complete Demand Response solution to utilities.

Through this partnership, Silver Spring will expand its Demand Response solution to offer elements of Energate’s Consumer Connected Demand Response (CCDR) product set, including smart thermostats, load control switches, gateways, and software. The combined solution incorporates Silver Spring’s existing Advanced Metering, UtilityIQ and CustomerIQ applications, providing a powerful solution set for utilities of all sizes.

"As utilities develop and deploy their Smart Grid solutions, demand response programs play a critical role, through direct load control and time of use pricing," said Judy Lin, Chief Product Officer, Silver Spring Networks. "We are delighted to formalize a relationship with Energate, a leader in demand response solutions for the Smart Grid, and help more utilities empower more consumers to realize the potential of the Smart Grid."

"We are pleased to strengthen the relationship with Silver Spring Networks. This partnership provides an end-to-end Demand Response solution for utilities," said Niraj Bhargava, Chief Executive Officer of Energate. "Silver Spring has emerged as a Smart Grid leader, and with this agreement, the company is now able to clearly deliver a complete Demand Response to their utility customers."

Energate and Silver Spring are currently providing in-home technology for the Silver Spring deployment with Oklahoma Gas & Electric (OG&E) as part of its Positive Energy® Smart Grid Program. Energate smart thermostats will enable participating OG&E customers to automatically control their energy use in response to time-of-use rates.

The Energate and Silver Spring Demand Response system operates over the Silver Spring Smart Energy Platform or Energate CCDR broadband networks. Energate’s Pioneer Z100 thermostat is the first smart thermostat that Silver Spring has qualified as interoperable with its Smart Energy Platform. The devices are also fully upgradeable over-the-air to provide long-term value.

Energate is a leading provider of home energy management and demand response solutions including software, communicating smart thermostats, switches and consumer energy displays. The Consumer Connected Demand Response (CCDR) solution allows utilities to immediately address home energy demand challenges and empowers consumers to more effectively manage their energy use. Energate products seamlessly connect to smart grids to deal with supply and demand challenges, the increased use of renewables and dynamic rate structures. Founded in 2004, Energate’s offices are in Ottawa, North Carolina and California. Visit

Silver Spring Networks is a leading Smart Grid solution provider that enables utilities to achieve operational efficiencies, reduce carbon emissions and empower their customers with new ways to monitor and manage their energy consumption. Silver Spring provides the hardware, software and services that allow utilities to deploy advanced solutions, including Smart Metering, Demand Response, Distribution Automation and Distributed Generation, over a single, unified network.

Silver Spring’s Smart Energy Platform is based on open, Internet Protocol (IP) standards, allowing continuous, two-way communication between the utility and devices on the grid. Silver Spring has numerous deployments with leading utilities in the US and abroad, including Florida Power & Light, Pacific Gas & Electric, Pepco Holdings, Inc., Jemena Electricity Networks Limited and United Energy Distribution, among others.

ClipperCreek brings customer solutions and product leadership to the electric vehicle charging infrastructure marketplace with reliable, safe and flexible, software-driven products that have been proven through 10 years of development and field experience. ClipperCreek is the only EVSE manufacturer to be certified to meet the current UL standards. ClipperCreek produced over 2,000 chargers in 2009 and is the exclusive provider of EVSE chargers for electric cars BMW’s Mini-E and for Tesla Motors’ Level 2 EVSE charging stations. ClipperCreek also provides chargers to power Mercedes, GM and Nissan vehicles.

Whatever your electric vehicle infrastructure needs, ClipperCreek, Inc. has your EV Charging Station (EVSE) ready to go. ClipperCreek’s products are compatible with the BMW Mini E and The Tesla Roadster and all SAE compatible vehicles coming to market soon, including the Chevy Volt and the Nissan Cube Minicar.

Additionally, ClipperCreek has products for: Public Infrastructure, Fleets, Private Businesses, Home, and 120V In-Cord Devices.

All ClipperCreek Products are UL listed for the utmost in safety; they are SAE compatible, ensuring they will charge vehicles from all major auto makers. ClipperCreek’s exclusive technology ensures your vehicle will charge every time.