Solar Aero Research: Wind Turbine Patent Issued

Solar Aero Research is pleased to announce its new type of boundary-layer, bladeless wind turbine has been granted U.S. Patent No. 7,695,242. The wind turbine is an improvement on a 1913 Tesla patent, specially modified for use in wind power applications, says inventor Howard J. Fuller, Jr., of the Greenville, N.H.-based not-for-profit scientific research organization.

Solar Aero’s completely enclosed model avoids many of the drawbacks of bladed wind turbines such as noise, radar interference, visual pollution and wildlife injuries — while retaining relatively high efficiency ratings.

With only one rotating component (a turbine/driveshaft/alternator assembly) and no heavily loaded bearings, the wind turbine is expected to deliver power at a cost comparable to present coal-fired power plants.

The Fuller wind turbine has lower maintenance requirements than bladed turbines. In addition, all generation equipment can be located at ground level while the wind turbine itself can be supported on magnetic bearings, thus eliminating the need for up-tower routine maintenance.

This will make life-cycle costs considerably lower than for bladed wind turbines, making the Fuller unit desirable for use in areas where support and maintenance infrastructure is limited. The design will be highly attractive for urban rooftop wind energy generation applications.

Fuller’s bladeless turbine is being evaluated by a potential licensee while a full-scale prototype is under construction. 

Solar Aero Research is a New Hampshire alternative-energy organization, dedicated to energy independence and development of renewable resources. We have been granted IRS 501(C)(3) status as a non-profit scientific research organization. As such, we’re eligible to receive tax-deductible grants and donations to further our alternative-energy research projects. These include:

* The Fuller Wind Turbine,
* Dynamic water turbines, and
* Hydrothermal turbine generation systems.

As funding allows, Solar Aero Research will investigate other energy generation and conservation projects. Contact Solar Aero for more info.

Dedicated to powering the future, we aim to help solve the world’s energy problems by accelerating the adoption of renewable energy.