Ride for Wind 2010

West Texas wind farms are the destination when motorcyclists hit the road to support the Women of Wind Energy, as Shermco Charities, an organization funded by employees of Shermco Industries, host Ride for Wind 2010. The event will start on May 22 in Sweetwater, Texas.

Participating motorcyclists will cruise approximately 260 miles of scenic West Texas highway, pit-stopping at wind farms along the way to learn the benefits of wind power. The ride will end at the Texas Wind Energy Clearinghouse in downtown Sweetwater, and will be followed by a dinner and awards banquet.

“West Texas is a not only a national leader, but a global leader in the advancement of wind energy, making this region a strong player in our clean energy future,” said Chris Dehart, Ride for Wind rally master and project leader for Shermco Industries.

“Several of the world’s largest wind energy projects are in the Sweetwater region,” said Sweetwater Mayor Greg Wortham, who also serves as executive director of the Texas Wind Energy Clearinghouse. “This region is the most intensive wind energy area outside of China or Germany. Riders will be able to see the new schools built with wind income, the many new businesses here and the vibrancy of an economy where wind, oil, agriculture and other industries happily exist side-by-side.”

Nolan County, where Sweetwater resides, produces more wind energy than the entire state of California and is one of the top 10 “nations” for wind energy operations. Coupled with surrounding counties, this area generates one of the largest outputs of wind energy in the world.

Ride for Wind is an annual motorcycle touring event organized by Shermco Charities. Profits from this year’s event will benefit WoWE, which is an organization that supports and encourages the participation and advancement of professional women in the wind energy industry. Funds raised will help build new opportunities for women’s career growth, leadership and impact in the wind industry.

Shermco Industries is a provider of safe, reliable testing, repair, professional training, maintenance and analysis of rotating apparatus and electrical power distribution systems and related equipment for the light, medium, and heavy industrial base nationwide. Founded in 1974 in Dallas, the company is comprised of two strategic business units; Machine Services Division and an Engineering Services Division.

With a corporate location in Irving, Texas, a sales office in Brussels and service centers in Austin, Tulsa and Sweetwater, Shermco Industries has over 250 full-time employees. The company is a member in good standing with the Electrical Apparatus Service Association, American Wind Energy Association and the International Electrical Testing Association.