15 countries used the recharge stations for electric vehicles from CIRCONTROL

CirCarLife is currently installed on streets of major cities, airports, shopping malls, public parks, private fleets of electric vehicles and others.

Barcelona airport T1 Terminal, Formula F1 Barcelona’s Circuit of Catalunya , car park Plaza del Rey and Plaza de Oriente, the IKEA shopping center in Milan, or cities pioneer in the manufacture and use of electric vehicles as Tønsberg in Norway or for company purpose uses in Singapore are some of the points where CirCarLife allows users to recharge their electric vehicles.

The electric vehicle is just landing, the important manufacturers will start to release new vehicles shortly and an increasing number of countries whose governments see the energy and environmental advantages that this implies, are committed to the implementation of electric vehicle.

For example in Spain , there exist an investment of 590 million euros over two years to implement the Electric Vehicle at the urban life.

We can say that we are at the beginning of a great global change in the transport sector.

CIRCONTROL has chosen to contribute to the care of the environment and saving energy, using the latest technologies, designing and manufacturing a new range of intelligent recharging stations for electric vehicles – CirCarLife

It is understandable that in order that the electric vehicle will be consolidate, users should be able to recharge their batteries in an easy way and anywhere they can access with their electric vehicles.

CirCarLife range of different solutions is:

• Recharge system for urban life.
• Recharge system for inter-city roads.
• Recharging system at car parks.
• Intelligent control system for multiple stations (enable integration with other systems such as Power Grid companies, parking pay stations, pay and display, fleet management)

The aim of the intelligent system CirCarLife recharge electric vehicles is:

• Intelligent charging system with choice of recharging at peak hours, time period, power control, avoid collapse in the electricity infrastructure.

Prepaid systems so that users can correctly pay the energy consumed by the vehicle.

• Quality of power: Charging of electric vehicles generate harmonics (undesirable effects on the GRID), these effects are compounded by increasing the number of loaded vehicles.

CIRCONTROL multipoint system is able to communicate with the different specific equipment to control the energy efficiency, achieving the correction of these problems.

• Intelligent management of recharge:
– Allocation of the available power
– Ability to load in peak hours
– Possibility of scheduled loading (date and time)
– Possibility of immediate loading
– Overall system diagnostics ensuring that any impact on the network does not compromise the vehicle’s load

CIRCONTROL has been the first company in Spain (and one of the first in the world) to design and manufacture an innovative and intelligent recharging station for electric vehicles.

CIRCONTROL provides permanent stock and immediate delivery for the range of CirCarLife.

Currently more than 15 countries around the world have recharge points for electric vehicle CIRCONTROL CirCarLife.