Finland agrees on massive support for wind energy

The production of wind energy will be increased significantly from the present level with a guarantee price system that will come with an annual price tag of EUR 200 million. This should result in erecting around 850-950 new wind turbines across the country to generate electricity.

Finland’s government on Tuesday evening finalised its plan on how to fulfil Finland’s EU obligation for increasing the proportion of renewable energy use to 38 per cent by 2020.

The package is built on the use of several types of renewable energy with a focus on wind farm and wood energy. This aim is to be achieved by encouraging industries to use more renewable energy through policies such as tax support. The building of wind farms is to be encouraged by guaranteeing the price of wind energy.

The level of support in 2020 is estimated at around EUR 340 million, more than half of which will be used to promote wind power. Ultimately the support will be paid by the end users of energy in higher electricity and heat bills.

In all, Finland is going to increase its use of renewable energy by 2020 by about 38 terawatt hours. This corresponds to the output of three nuclear power plants.

Last weekend, both Pekkarinen and Vanhanen declared firmly that there would not be three new nuclear licences being granted, as the conservatives of the National Coalition Party have argued for.