Suzlon Celebrates Anniversary of Oregon Wind Power

Horizon Wind Energy and Iberdrola Renewables have each hosted two of the Suzlon wind farms that were the first Suzlon S88-2.1 MW wond turbines installed in the Pacific Northwest last year.

"We are proud to be marking the one-year anniversary of our Oregon projects as they’ve surpassed an average 97 percent availability throughout the first year," said Andris Cukurs, CEO of Suzlon Wind Energy Corp. "In 2010, we are growing our business with both Iberdrola Renewables and Horizon Wind Energy in the Pacific Northwest and look forward to delivering even more high-performing wind farms."

"We have been pleased with Suzlon’s performance over the past year and hope to see continued excellence in availability," said Terry Oswald, director of operations for Horizon Wind Energy.

The four projects involve 190 Suzlon S88-2.1 MW turbines, which contribute 400 megawatts of power generation capacity to Oregon’s almost 1,758 megawatts of installed wind power. In the U.S., 400 MW of wind energy can power an average of 140,000 homes. A fifth Oregon wind farm, Star Point in Moro, Ore., was finished recently, increasing to 28 percent the percentage of wind power generated in-state by Suzlon turbines.

Oregon, which ranks No. 6 in the U.S. in installed megawatts of wind capacity, also is planning to add more. In the coming year, Suzlon’s presence in the Pacific Northwest will increase with the development of Leaning Juniper in Arlington, Ore., an Iberdrola Renewables wind farm and Horizon Wind Energy project at Kittitas Valley Wind Farm in Kittitas, Wash.

"Suzlon continually has shown us a commitment to its turbines," said John Martinez, regional director of operations at Iberdrola Renewables. "The turbines have performed exceptionally well since the start of commercial operation."

The four Oregon projects exceeding 97 percent average availability include Rattlesnake Road and Wheat Field in Arlington, both hosted by Horizon Wind Energy; and Pebble Springs in Arlington, and Hay Canyon in Wasco, both hosted by Iberdrola Renewables. The recently commissioned fifth Oregon wind farm, Star Point in Moro, is also owned by Iberdrola Renewables.

Suzlon Wind Energy Corporation (SWECO) focuses on the North American market and is a subsidiary of Suzlon Energy Limited of Pune, India, the third largest global wind turbine supplier. The headquarters for North America is based in Chicago, Illinois, with sales and service offices located across the U.S.

Suzlon Wind Energy Corporation, when combined with REpower,* is ranked fourth in U.S. market share for 2009, according to the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA). Together, our sites include more than 700 turbines installed in the U.S. and totaling 1,450 megawatts (MW) of capacity across 20 states. Suzlon also manufactures wind turbine blades for its S88-2.1 MW machine in Pipestone, Minnesota.

Suzlon ranked as the world’s third** leading wind turbine supplier in terms of market share in 2008. Suzlon has ranked as the leading manufacturer in the Indian market for ten consecutive years, maintaining over 50% market share. Suzlon has its corporate offices in Pune, India and the company’s global spread reflects in its projects and markets portfolio – extending across Asia, Australia, Europe and North and South America. Suzlon is a highly vertically integrated wind turbine manufacturer with manufacturing capability along the full value chain – from components to complete wind turbine systems.

Suzlon owns more than 90 percent of REpower Systems AG, based in Hamburg, Germany. Suzlon and REpower, if taken together, stand as the world’s third leading wind turbine supplier group in terms of market share. Market share of 9.8% is derived from BTM Consult ApS World Market Update 2009, ranking Suzlon with 6.4% of global market share and REpower with 3.4% of global market share.