IMPSA will invest in the development of wind power plant in Vietnam

Last April 16th 2010, during the Prime Minister visit to Argentina, IMPSA and Petro Vietnam Power confirmed their commitment to invest in the development of an industrial wind energy plant for the manufacture of wind turbines.

Likewise, both companies agreed to build, own and operate 1000 Megawatts of wind power in Vietnam, during the next five years, with a cost of investment of USD 3.000 millions.

During the meeting, the President and Vietnam’s Prime Minister gathered in the Government House, showed satisfaction for the Letter of Intent subscribed by PVP (Petro Vietnam Power) Director Mr. Ha Duc Thu and the President of IMPSA (Industrias Metalurgicas Pescarmona SAIC), Engineer Enrique M. Pescarmona and will witness the signing of the aforementioned documents.

This summit conference is the culmination of two previous meetings of the Argentine-Vietnamese Intergovernmental Commission and complies with that agreed on article IX of the Agreement on Economic and Commercial Cooperation between both nations subscribed in June 3rd 1996.

Before the meeting in the Casa Rosada, Vietnam’s Prime Minister attended a businessmen meeting arranged by IMPSA in the Sheraton Hotel along with the company’s directors and other businessmen of the area.

IMPSA is a leading company in the development of new technologies for the generation of hydroelectric and wind power with over 100 years of trajectory. Petro Vietnam Power is a leading company in Vietnam, responsible for developing and exploiting energy in all its sources.