NAEG Acquires Proprietary Wind Energy Technology

Native American Energy Group, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: NAGP) ("NAEG" or the "Company"), an independent energy company, proudly announced today that they have entered into an exclusive License Agreement with the private Canadian company, Windaus Energy Inc. ("Windaus") of Brantford, Ontario for the marketing, sales, and distribution of Windaus’ proprietary, highly advanced, Vertical Axis Wind Energy Turbines. NAEG will also manufacture Windaus wind turbines in the U.S.

Since the federal government’s pledge to increase renewable energy’s share of the U.S. power supply, the impetus has been much greater for investment and technological development in the U.S. renewable energy market. Incentives offered to those building developers and home owners who incorporate green technology into their new construction have increased dramatically.

In the fast growing Wind Energy Market that we have today thanks to America’s new commitment to clean and renewable wind energy, NAEG decided it best to seek an exclusive license on a very broad scale from Windaus for its high-performance, sustainable wind turbine power generation technology in order to gain the strongest hold on the market. Windaus meanwhile sought the correct strategic alliance to enter the U.S. wind power market and also to gain access to U.S. Native tribal reservations and lands.

Native American Energy Group’s exclusive license agreement, which represents an improvement over a prior 2007 agreement between the companies, covers the entire United States, including Alaska and all Indian lands in the U.S. & Alaska, and it applies to all wind turbine systems developed by Windaus.

Chief Executive Officer Joseph D’Arrigo commented, "I am aware that in August 2008, Mayor Michael Bloomberg proposed more renewable energy in New York City, and so, we at NAEG are particularly pleased to have signed this License Agreement with Windaus Energy Inc. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship."

At the National Clean Energy Summit, Mayor Bloomberg keenly suggested, "Perhaps companies will want to put wind farms atop our bridges and skyscrapers."

"As native New Yorkers, ourselves, we will certainly strive to be the ones to meet the Mayor’s proposals with regard to placing wind turbines on Manhattan rooftops. With the recent passage of the U.S. stimulus bill and its various incentives for wind power, we can see ourselves undertaking to build our own wind power generation farms, perhaps in partnership with Native tribes from across the country, as well as off Indian lands," added Mr. D’Arrigo.

In some areas, inadequate or aging transmission infrastructure may hamper the delivery of wind power from wind resource-rich regions to population centers with high energy demand. The Windaus wind turbines are vertical access turbines that come in various sizes to accommodate different applications, and that gives NAEG a competitive edge in these markets. Smaller turbines can be installed in homes and businesses, making them economically viable on a national level.

The Inventor of the patented technology and designer of the turbines, President of Windaus, Mr. Maurice Deschamps, commented on the value of the collaboration. "I have had a long-standing relationship with NAEG and I have come to know their unique capabilities. They have crossed a number of major milestones in their efforts to achieve their goals. I am excited about leveraging our collaborative relationships established through this licensing agreement and the great opportunities for wind energy in America."

Native American Energy Group, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: NAGP) New York-based Native American Energy Group is a vertically integrated energy resource development and management company that specializes in Oil, Natural Gas, and Wind Power Generation Systems. NAEG is in the business of developing its oil & gas interests in the Williston Basin, coal-bed methane natural gas (CBM) in the Cook Inlet basin, as well as, developing and implementing leading edge, wind turbine power generation technology for the production of clean, cost-efficient energy throughout the USA including Alaska and all U.S. Indian reservations.