Renault Trucks and EDF sign a partnership agreement to develop the use of electric vehicles

Renault Trucks and EDF have just signed a framework cooperation agreement to develop the use of electric heavy goods and commercial vehicles. The aim of this partnership is to share experience and analysis for the purposes of testing an effective electric solution for local transport and studying the performance of lithium-ion batteries in this type of application. This collaboration will centre initially on the Maxity Electric, a light duty vehicle with a payload of 2 tonnes. The two partners are leaving open the possibility of future collaboration on other vehicles in the Renault Trucks range.

In a continual drive to improve its response to the environmental expectations of society and its customers, Renault Trucks is developing alternative solutions to the use of the combustion engine. Electric technology is one of these solutions, particularly for vehicles in the Delivery and Distribution ranges. To get support with this development, the manufacturer sought the assistance of EDF, which has long-standing expertise in the implementation of projects focusing on electric vehicles and their use in urban settings. For the Maxity Electric, the first vehicle covered by this partnership, the aim is to test and confirm the performance of vehicles in use by customers of Renault Trucks – and the performance of the batteries in particular.

The Maxity Electric is a "zero emission” and zero sound emission vehicle which can be driven with a category B driving licence. Its top speed is 90km/h with a maximum torque from zero and a payload of up to 2 tonnes. Optimisation of the electric engine and regenerative braking to recharge the batteries help it to reach a range of approximately 100km.

Renault Trucks and EDF will engage in information exchanges on energy storage systems (batteries and super condensers) as well as charging systems (rapid and normal). EDF will contribute its expertise in analysing the performances of the batteries used. In addition, EDF will make its recording and analysis resources available for collecting the data which will be used to characterise the vehicle’s different usage power consumption profiles, with the aim of optimising the Maxity’s efficiency.

Finally, EDF and Renault Trucks will jointly study the various economic models for marketing the electric vehicle, the better to offer companies, institutions and local authorities, new and high-performance electric solutions for their urban and suburban transport needs.

EDF can boast sound experience in the operation of electric vehicles and charging terminals, world-class scientific and technological expertise in both batteries and infrastructures, and a non-carbon energy production capacity which is unmatched in Western Europe. The Group has engaged in an active and open policy of partnerships around the various technological solutions developed by vehicle manufacturers.

Renault Trucks, a heavy goods vehicle manufacturer, has developed an electric version of its light duty vehicle the Maxity, in collaboration with its partner PVI. Between ten and thirty pre-series vehicles are set to be put on the road with pilot customers in France in 2010, and the vehicle is scheduled to be on the market by 2011.

The EDF Group, one of the leaders in the European energy market, is an integrated energy company active in all businesses: generation, transmission, distribution, energy supply and trading. The Group is the leading electricity producer in Europe. In France, it has mainly nuclear and hydraulic production facilities where 95% of the electricity output is CO2-free. EDF’s transmission and distribution subsidiaries in France operate 1,285,000 km of low and medium voltage overhead and underground electricity lines and around 100,000 km of high and very high voltage networks. The Group is involved in supplying energy and services to more than 38 million customers around the world, including more than 28 million in France. The Group generated consolidated sales of € 66.3 billion in 2009, of which 49% in Europe excluding France. EDF is listed on the Paris Stock Exchange and is a member of the CAC 40 index.

Encouraged by the enthusiasm, experience and determination of its over 14,000 employees, and by its presence in over 100 countries and 1,500 points of sale, Renault Trucks is a leading player in the industrial vehicle industry. A designer, manufacturer and distributor of commercial light vehicles, Renault Trucks offers the most comprehensive range of vehicles (from 2.7 to 60 tonnes) and services on the market. Renault Trucks offers models which are perfectly adapted to the diverse activities of its customers: delivery, distribution, construction, long distance, special and military uses. Renault Trucks sold around 77,000 vehicles in 2008. Renault Trucks is working to restore the prestige of road transport, both for its customers and its drivers. Because road transport is a noble profession, which supports the very fabric of society. Thanks to its ever-present commitment, nearby availability and transparency, Renault Trucks offers its customers efficiency, value and quality.