John Searle Joins ReVolt Technology

John Searle, Chairman of the Management Board of Saft Groupe SA, has recently accepted an appointment to join ReVolt’s board of directors as Non-Executive Chairman. Mr. Searle will assume his role as Chairman with immediate effect taking over responsibility from the company’s acting chair, Mr. Tellef Thorleifsson, Managing Partner of Northzone Ventures.

Mr. Searle is a battery industry leader with a strong track record of achievement and success. At Saft, he has held numerous executive sales and general management positions. As Chairman of the Management Board of Saft Groupe SA, Mr. Searle successfully spun the company out of Alcatel with private equity and shortly thereafter led the company through a successful IPO. Recently, John led Saft’s efforts to win US Department of Energy grants worth $400 million for a new production site for Johnson Controls-Saft, the JV with Johnson Controls in Michigan and a new Saft production facility in Florida.

"I am pleased to join ReVolt Technology’s Board of Directors as Non-Executive Chairman. ReVolt has assembled a strong and committed management team and group of investors and is clearly the leader in rechargeable metal-air battery technology. The work that is being done at ReVolt Technology is potentially very important for the industry and a wide array of energy storage applications," stated John Searle, Chairman of the Management Board of Saft Groupe SA. "I look forward to working with the company to fulfil its vision for rechargeable metal-air battery technology."

"The addition of John Searle as Chairman is a very important and strategic step to add proven leadership and industry acumen to our Board of Directors," stated Tellef Thorleifsson, Managing Partner of Northzone Ventures. "We are delighted that John has accepted the appointment and look forward to his many positive contributions."

"John Searle’s appointment as Chairman to ReVolt’s Board of Directors is indeed very timely," stated James P. McDougall, CEO of ReVolt Technology. "John’s very impressive experience and skill sets are well matched for ReVolt’s vision to commercialize rechargeable metal-air battery technology. His perspective and contributions will further catalyze and sharpen our efforts to effectively accomplish our mission."

ReVolt Technology is a technology company, which has developed a rechargeable zinc-air battery. ReVolt’s batteries may enable more high-power consumer devices, electric vehicles and renewable energy storage. The technology is a result of six years of intense research and development at SINTEF (the largest independent research institute in Scandinavia). Research on material combinations has solved issues historically related to the metal-air technology; power, lifetime and rechargeability.