Tibet speeds up growth of renewable energy

Tibet is one of the regions in China with most solar photovoltaic power plants as its total capacity of photovoltaic power generating facilities exceeds nine mw, Ma Shengjie, director of the bureau, noted.

Solar energy heating systems of different types were installed in Lhasa and Nagqu Prefecture during the 2004-2008 period. About 0.376 kg of standard coal will be saved when a kilowatt-hour electricity is produced in a solar energy station.

Tibet now has 330,000 solar energy stoves and is expected to have 600,000 in 2015, with the total installed capacity of solar photovoltaic generation hitting 150,000 kw.

Meanwhile, priority will be given to the research into and promotion of energy-efficient products and technologies for civilian use, including solar energy and wind power, biological fuel and geothermal energy, in a move to ease energy shortage in rural areas.

Source: Xinhuanet