Demand for Lithium Carbonate Doubled From 2003-2007

With growth in Asia increasing the long-term demand for oil, the quest for energy conservation has increasingly focused attention on lithium, the key resource needed for the manufacture of energy-efficient ion batteries powering hybrid and electric vehicles.

"The demand for lithium and from investors is coming and coming strong," announced William Lieberman, President of Mammmoth Energy Group. "We see growth in the Chilean and Argentina markets beginning to pick up," he added.

Lithium is typically recovered from high-altitude desert areas, chiefly in the Andes Mountains, with roughly 80 percent of the world’s known lithium reserves found in Argentina, Bolivia, or Chile. Alone, the salt flats of southwestern Bolivia contain more than half of the world’s recoverable supplies, making it "the Saudi Arabia of lithium." But after two decades of piquing foreign interest in Bolivia’s reserves, the country’s natural resource policies, regional posture and poor infrastructure have caused investment in lithium recovery to increasingly favor Chile and Argentina.

Mr. Lieberman added, "We agree with the market outlook towards these countries and think that the comments made by Lucie Bednarova Duesterhoft of GM’s Global Energy Systems, who said, ‘Two countries — Argentina and Chile — could supply the whole world with cheap lithium past 2060,’ are very accurate."

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