Plans for the future of wind energy technology launched

Plans are underway to develop giant 10 MW or more wind turbines, turbine blades that extent to 80 metres, and testing facilities to improve knowledge in the wind power sector, according to a draft document on the development of wind energy technology over the next three years.

As well as developing significantly bigger wind turbines, research efforts will be channelled into improving wind turbine efficiency.

The plans, contained in a document drawn up by TP Wind – the European Wind Energy Technology Platform – show how public and private investments totalling €1.4 billion could be spent over the 2010-2012 period.

The funding is part of the broader €6 billion identified by the European Commission for the wind power sector under the wind energy road map from 2010-2020. This roadmap, which is privately and publically funded, is one of the European Commission’s tools to help Europe achieve its target of 20% renewable energy by 2020.

For offshore wind farm, the focus is on the large scale deployment of substructures, including innovative substructures.

“For grids, the aim is to ensure a secure and stable operation of the future power system with a very large scale integration of wind power,” Nicolas Fichaux, Secretary General of TP Wind and Head of EWEA’s policy analysis unit, said.

Work on developing the future of wind energy technology is due to start from June this year.