Hyundai Heavy Enters Chinese Wind Turbines Market

With the MOU, Hyundai Heavy Industries, the Korea’s biggest wind power manufacturer is gearing up for entering the Chinese market that is emerging as the World’s biggest wind turbines market.

The plant will be 80% owned by Hyundai Heavy and 20% by Datang Shandong Power Generation. Detailed investment from both companies will be decided through further discussion.

The joint wind turbine manufacturing plant, covering 231,404‡u at Weihai, Shandong province, will have an annual production capacity of 600 MW (300 units of 2MW wind turbines). Hyundai Heavy plans to complete the wind energy plant by the end of this year and start manufacturing wind turbines from January 2011.

As a subsidiary of Datang Group, the second largest state-owned electricity company in China, Datang Shandong Power Generation is generating and providing electricity to the Shandong region.

A Hyundai Heavy official said, “While Chinese wind turbine market is expanding at a rapid pace with government support, the establishment of a joint wind turbine manufacturing plant will pave the way for Hyundai Heavy to enter the Chinese market.”
In a report by AWEA (American Wind Energy Association), China’s wind turbine market is expected to grow to 100GW or USD 150 billion by 2020.

On March 31, Hyundai Heavy held a completion ceremony for the wind turbine manufacturing plant located at Gunsan Industrial Complex, Jeollabuk-do, Korea. Hyundai Heavy invested 105.7 billion won for the plant. As Korea’s biggest wind turbine plant, the Gunsan plant has been manufacturing 1.65MW wind turbines with annual manufacturing capacity of 600MW.

Hyundai Heavy plans to diversity Gunsan’s wind turbine lines to 2MW – 5MW onshore and offshore wind turbines, and also expand manufacturing capacity to 800MW by 2013.