Acciona and Renault-Nissan Alliance join forces to advance the roll-out of Electric Vehicles

The agreement also envisages supply of renewables-based, emission-free energy for the new electric vehicles. Acciona and the Renault-Nissan Alliance today signed a cooperation agreement which will see both groups working together to advance the roll-out of electric vehicles (EVs) in Spain.

The agreement, signed by the Chairman and CEO of Renault España, S.A. Jean-Pierre Laurent and Manuel de la Guardia, Managing Director Nissan Iberia, S.A., on behalf of the Renault-Nissan Alliance, and Carmen Becerril, President of Acciona Energy, on behalf of Acciona.

Under the terms of the agreement, Acciona will bring its know how and capabilities to establish a smart Electric Car recharging network, provide associated services and deliver renewables-based energy. The roll-out will be carried out adhering to Renault-Nissan’s schedule for bringing Electric Vehicles to market.

The Renault-Nissan Alliance will certify the compatibility of the recharging network with its EVs and the navigation systems used for locating recharging points and will also offer the recharging system as part of its EV vehicle sales package.

Accordingly, and as a result of the cooperation agreement, both partners will function as an Electric Mobility Operator.

What is a recharging network?

A recharging network (or recharging grid) comprises three key elements: 1) recharging points with all the safety and intelligence systems required by international standards; 2) a communications and information system and 3) a set of value-added services, including the easy, safe and efficient supply of energy.

The aim is provide EV users with a comprehensive one-stop, turnkey service: access to a pre-determined electricity provider with set prices, the possibility of contracting renewables-based energy, access to a special service for locating recharging points, a roaming option for cross-border travel, and recharging points in both public and private locations.

Acciona: a global leader’s renewable energy contribution

To provide this offering Acciona, working alongside its technological partners Indra and Ingeteam, is developing SIRVE (Sistema Inteligente de Recarga de Vehículos Eléctricos), an intelligent EV recharging system which envisages the installation of recharging points at a variety of locations, both private (homes, company offices, car parks…) and public. The network is managed by an open internet-based platform which will allow the network to grow easily, not only in volume terms but also from the point of view of content and services.

Acciona, a leading global renewable energy producer, will supply EV users with clean, emission-free electricity (thus helping to bring more renewable energy into the system, especially in off-peak troughs) and will provide a range of basic recharging services, which can be expanded, such as information on the location of recharging points via a vehicle’s navigation system; notification of recharge status and/or other incidents via mobile phones, and other services.

The Renault-Nissan Alliance: The vision of a global leader

With its broad range of zero-emission vehicles, the Renault-Nissan Alliance today stands as the world’s foremost developer of electric vehicles.

Spain plays a key role in this process thanks to Renault and Nissan’s presence there at both an industrial and commercial level. Already in October of last year Renault announced plans to produce an EV based on its Twizy Z.E. concept at the company’s production plant in Valladolid (Spain). Shortly after, the Alliance signed the first agreements establishing an integrated EV programme with the Barcelona City Council and the Regional Government of Andalusia; a few days ago, the Regional Government of Castile and Leon also signed the agreement.

Acciona Windpower, is the Acciona’s subsidiary company that works on the design, manufacture, field assembly and marketing of wind turbines, based on the experience of the group to which it belongs in the operation and maintenance of wind power facilities worldwide. It produces 1,500 kW and 3,000 kW wind turbines which have been designed from the point of view of the wind farm operator interested in achieving the best performance throughout the working life of the machine.

From 2004 up to 2009 Acciona Windpower has supplied 3,211.50 MW (2,139 wind turbines). This wind energy figure places the company among the main wind turbine manufacturers in the world.