Flux Power Introduces Lithium Battery Management System’s

‘With our new Stand-Alone BMS Unit, FLUX Power continues to supply its clients with the batteries they need as well as the most technologically advanced tools to monitor and prolong their cycle life,’ says CEO Chris Anthony. ‘The ability to record every charge and discharge cycle of a cell opens up a whole new world for everything from allowing extended warranties on battery packs to calculating second use values for the millions of batteries that come of age every year,’ he added.

The Flux BMS has three critical functions. The first function is monitoring and reporting cell parameters including voltage, temperature, state of charge and current. These parameters are key to determining the health, safety, and capabilities of each cell in the system. Without proper monitoring, the system is blind to problems such as cells going over or under voltage, cell temperatures becoming too hot or cold, or any impedance issues caused by chemistry or connection issues. This data can be used by the system controller to determine when the batteries are depleted and to warn the user before system shutdown. This data can also be used by the charger to efficiently charge and maintain the battery pack. The monitoring system has two communication channels, one is an industry standard CAN-BUS interface and the other is a redundant safety communication channel in case of any primary communication channel issues.

The second function is balancing the cells. As most experts agree, cell balancing is an integral part of extending the life of lithium batteries. Each lithium cell has chemical and electrical variances that over time can degrade performance of an entire pack. The Flux BMS has a variable current mechanism that can control the amount of energy fed to or taken from each cell in the system. Regulating the amount of current going into and coming out of any single cell reduces the chance of charge irregularities and potential damage. This allows the other cells in the system to all balance to the same charge levels which increases total system cycle life up to four times. The Flux BMS also has redundant hardware shutoffs which can be triggered by individual cell voltage or temperature to prevent cells from being discharged excessively even if accidentally setup to do so or if external environmental issues occur.

The third function is data logging. Each BMS records the complete charge and discharge history of each cell allowing an accurate account of usage. This data is important for determining second life applications and evaluating warranty issues. If all parameters of the cell’s condition are known and recorded, warranty issues can be managed and a value can be calculated for a systems worth after primary use. "Without these data, it wouldn’t be possible to know what condition the batteries are in making second life usage difficult if not impossible," says Joseph S. Gottlieb CTO.

These three functions allow the Flux Power’s BMS to couple with a variety of lithium cell technologies to produce the most sophisticated energy storage systems on the planet.

In addition to the functionality the Flux BMS is designed for harsh environments with an IP67 rating and true High-Voltage Isolation. ‘We intend to set the industry benchmark for active cell management and reporting,’ said Jason Touhy, Flux Power’s COO. ‘Our sleek modular design keeps critical components completely isolated from harsh elements and can be easily integrated with a number of existing cell manufacturers.’

Flux Power, a spin-off of LHV Power has developed innovative high power battery cell management systems that have proven to greatly extend cycle life. Flux Power couples this with a robust communication system to provide accurate and timely data on numerous cell metrics. To display all of this data, Flux Power has a suite of display systems and diagnostic utilities to help clients get the most value out of the information available. In addition, Flux Power has smart charging systems that are versatile and stackable to multiple charging configurations, while communicating directly with each cell to make sure the most beneficial charge is available. Flux Power has manufacturing capabilities in both Asia and the US with ISO-9001 quality to assure superior products to many different industries.

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