EasyCampus Selected for wind power training

Educadium and the International Air and Hospitality Academy announced today the creation of a new online learning center for IAHA’s Renewable Energy Institute. Educadium’s EasyCampus Virtual School Builder platform will enable state-of-the-art renewable energy technical training.

"EasyCampus brings the International Air and Hospitality Academy into the 21st century," said Ed Bedecarrax, IAHA’s Director of Education. "Through Web-based applications, we can better serve the educational needs of our students. At the same time, EasyCampus gives our faculty the tools to explore more efficient and innovative ways of teaching."

"We are honored that EasyCampus will support the innovative programs offered by the Renewable Energy Institute," said Educadium President Todd Harris. "Our hosted virtual school platform is an affordable and convenient way for career schools like IAHA to reach new students and improve educational quality through online learning."

The International Air and Hospitality Academy is based in Vancouver, Washington. The Academy’s new institute comes as a response to the growing demand for wind power and wind-power workers. The U.S. Department of Energy has stated a goal of having 20% of the nation’s energy come from wind by 2030. Graduates of the program will be qualified for entry-level positions as wind turbine technicians.

Educadium is a next-generation learning management company, which helps organizations and individuals take advantage of e-learning, online training, and distance education. Educadium was formed in 2008 by an experienced group of teachers and technologists. The Portland, Oregon-based company is privately held. Educadium develops the EasyCampus Virtual School Builder, a convenient and affordable LMS used by schools, nonprofits, trainers, and learning organizations around the world to create virtual schools and classrooms.