American Electric Vehicles Demonstrates Advanced Lithium-ion System

The electric vehicle is driven by a complete electric drive system suitable for full speed, on the road, electric vehicles delivery.

AEV jointly developed the new interior permanent magnet (IPM) 157 kW electric motor and its integrated charger–controller (ICC) unit with a US partner. AEV has also partnered with a strategic battery lithium-ion cell supplier for the design and build of the battery pack.

Additional electric vehicle conversions are taking place in China for demonstration there with AEV’s Asian manufacturing partner. The purpose of the electric vehicle demonstration is primarily drive system validation.

While there are domestic electric vehicle markets for this vehicle, AEV is primarily interested in markets outside the US for growth. The integration of the components into a specific system will allow for both component and system level analysis.

The primary components of an electric vehicle drive train are its electric motor, the motor controller, the lithium battery, the battery management system and the charger. The vehicle is also fitted with electric air-conditioning and electric heating.

Dr. Dan Rivers, AEV CEO stated “This is a special time for us at AEV. The lithium battery pack and battery management system are the latest in a series developed at AEV. The motor and motor controller are the result of hard work by our engineers and partner companies. I look forward to further testing of this vehicle and its components for integration into our future electric vehicle offerings.”

American Electric Vehicles, Inc.: American Electric Vehicles (AEV) has a rich electric drive history and is a green-tech developer of complete Electric Vehicle (EV) and Plug-In Electric Vehicle (PHEV) drive systems and components. In conjunction with vehicle manufacturers, AEV designs and develops electric drive systems that include lithium-ion battery packs, charging systems, electric motors, software, and control electronics.

AEV lithium-ion battery systems are safe, low weight, and cost effective. AEV also offers advanced three-phase IPM motors built to customer specifications. AEV patented state-of-the-art control electronics and software protect and efficiently manage its battery packs and related vehicle subsystems. The founder and CEO of AEV was also a founding partner of Compact Power, Inc (

EV and PHEV systems are expected to grow rapidly in the next five years, with many automotive companies poised to introduce these advanced drive systems in 2010.

The first video of the drive is also posted on youtube at