FERSA grants a 16% share of the Mudéfer wind farms to GREEN ALLIANCE

Through this transaction GREEN ALLIANCE takes over 16% of CATER and FERSA reduces its stake to 84%. For FERASA, the deal translates into 6.04 million euros in income and includes 16% of the associated subordinated debt.

CATER owns the 45 MW Mudéfer and the 12.6 MW Mudéfer II wind farms, located in Caseres (Tarragona). The wind farms, which together produce 57.6 MW, began to be built in 2009 and are close to being completed. The 12.6 MW Modéfer II wind farm has actually been completed and in December it received authorisation to begin operation. Civil and electric work on the Mudéfer wind farm has been completed, and installation of wind turbines has begun. It is expected to start working in the first quarter of 2010. Both wind farms will connect to the electric grid owned by AERTA, a FERSA Group company which is now fully operational.

Both wind farms fall under the so-called Register for advance allocation of compensation (Registro de Preasignación de Retribución) for installations under Phase 1 of the special scheme, in keeping with Royal Decree Law 6/2009. Candidates must apply to qualify for the financial system established by Royal Decree 661/2007.

The Mudéfer wind farms are the first which Grupo FERSA installs in Catalonia, where it has official wind power parks registered under the advance allocation of compensation scheme for over 200 MW. In the first quarter of this year, FERSA will begin construction work on its second wind project energy in Catalonia, the 48 MW Escambrons wind farm located in Almatret (Lleida).

FERSA sells the remaining 12% of its holding in Parque Eólico Altos del Voltoya, S.A. for 3.4 million euros

FERSA ENERGÍAS RENOVABLES, S.A. has sold the remaining 12% of its share in Parque Eólico Altos del Voltoya, S.A. This operation, together with the completed sale of 18% of its shares in late December 2009, completes the sale of its entire holding, and marks FERSA’s final exit from the company. The holding has been acquired by Sinae.

Altogether, the sale of the 30% holding totalled 10 million euros, including 0.9 million for the sale of associated subordinated debt. The profit generated stands at 1.6 million euros, of which 1.2 are included in the accounts for FY2009.

Parque Eólico Altos del Voltoya was acquired by FERSA in the year 2003, and owns 5 wind farms in Ávila and Segovia with a total power of 62.04 MW; most of these farms have been operational since 1999 and 2000; in addition it has a 17% holding in the company Parque Eólico Monte de las Navas, which operates 3 wind farms with a total power of 48.84 MW.

With this operation FERSA has divested itself partially of a mature, minority and purely financial holding which it was not responsible for managing. Furthermore, FERSA acquires resources with which to continue financing its growth plan, which involves constructing over 240 MW in Spain, Poland, India and Estonia.