Crownbutte Wind Power Joins Grasslands Renewable Energy’s Wind Spirit Project

The WindSpirit farm will seek to address the obstacles facing large-scale use of wind energy and solar power. The Wind Spirit Project is being designed as a transmission system to access geographically diverse renewable energy from across Montana and the Northern Great Plains.

Renewable energy from multiple geographic areas will be combined with energy storage technologies and smart grid components to create a baseload renewable energy supply. The wind energy for the Wind Spirit Project would be collected via series of 230KV AC transmission lines and transported to large markets using high voltage AC and DC transmission lines.
By combining renewable energy from different areas, the Wind Spirit Project will make renewable energy more efficient and cost effective.

The Wind Spirit Project is an important alliance that supports Crownbutte’s strategy to develop, own and operate wind farms in prime wind resource locations that have access to existing and planned transmission systems.

Crownbutte Executive Vice President Dr. Terry Pilling commented, "Crownbutte welcomes the opportunity to be a part of the Wind Spirit Project. This unique plan to access the western energy markets adds considerable value to Crownbutte’s project development pipeline."

Established in 1999, Crownbutte Wind Power, Inc. is a North Dakota based developer of merchant wind power farms, with a current pipeline of over 640 MW of wind turbines projects in various stages of development across North Dakota, South Dakota and Montana.

Crownbutte has strategically sized these wind energy projects to fit into the existing power grid so as to require only minimal transmission system upgrades, and therefore expects to be able to begin construction and operation much sooner than would be the case for larger projects requiring new transmission.