ESB: 230,000 electric vehicles on Irish roads by 2020

Senan McGrath, Sustainability Manager, ESB Networks, said at an Engineers Ireland lecture today that 86% of Irish workers have a commute of less than 50km so battery electric vehicles could easily meet most daily needs.

Mr McGrath said: “The renewed programme for Government in October 2009 has targeted a deployment of 6,000 electric vehicles over the next three years with the collaboration of ESB and international motor companies. 2010 will see the significant advancement in the introduction of charging points for these electric vehicles.”

“The design for EV charging spots across Dublin city centre is based on the assumption that the maximum walking distance from a parked car is 300m. There will be more than 30,000 on-street charging points to meet the 2020, 10% EV target. The initial fast charge points across Ireland will cover motorway and national primary routes with charge spots to be a distance of approximately 60km from each other.

“ESB will provide a national EV charging network with open access for all car manufacturers and electricity supply companies. It is expected that there will also be a home-charging facility and that payment/invoicing will be compatible with market systems and small value multiple transactions.”

The Government has targeted 10% of all vehicles, which is about 230,000, to be electric, as well as 10% of all road transport energy to be renewable, by 2020.

Mr McGrath also said wind energy could support the electric vehicles’ fuel requirements and that the electricity grid would be more than able to cope with associated energy demands.