The third wind farm of the Chilean Coquimbo has started operations

In Chile, wind power is developing at a fast rate. The 46 MW Totoral plant, constructed by Norvind SA, has been currently placed into service. This is the third of 12 wind farms included in the Coquimbo site.

The Coquimbo wind energy project provides for an investment of about $ 2.6 billion for the installation of a total capacity of 1188 MW.

The first plant, which Endesa Eco completed in December 2007, was Canela 1, whose 11 wind turbines have a total capacity of 18.15 MW. In the same site, Endesa is also completing Canela 2, which consists of 46 wind turbines totalizing 69 MW.

The second plant, which started operations in October, is Monte Redondo – near the city of Ovalle – consisting of 19 wind turbines with a total power of 38 MW.