Tazzari Zero, the First Italian All Electric Vehicle, in North America

EVCARCO (OTCBB: EVCA) announced that it signed a formal agreement with Venta Inc. to be the first Tazzari Dealership in North America. The agreement secures EVCARCO with certain strategic corporate dealership locations and territories in the United States with Tazzari, the Italian Made All Electric Vehicles.

Dale Long, CEO of EVCARCO, stated, "The Tazzari Zero has been one of the most impressive advancements integrating technology and design in the electric car industry to date. As we look to enhance our profile throughout the United States as the premier dealership for alternative fuel vehicles, we could not have found a better showcase for advanced electric vehicle technology than the Tazzari, a true Italian masterpiece. This is the car the world has been waiting for and now the wait is over." EVCARCO plans on presenting the Tazzari for sale to the general public in Q2, 2010.

"We are proud to appoint EVCARCO as the first retail outlet for the Tazzari Zero as their company is developing an impressive sustainable dealership program throughout the United States," stated Dmitri Tisnoi, CEO of Venta Inc. "We anticipate Tazzari to become one of the ‘Hottest’ Electric Vehicles for 2010. The partnership between the two companies will allow rapid market penetration with strong consumer awareness programs providing access to this elegant zero emission transportation solution for many environmentally friendly drivers."

Tazzari Zero is the first Italian all electric vehicle and comes with a cast-aluminum frame, central motor, RWD, low center of gravity, powered by lithium ion batteries Li-Ion Fe batteries. A two-seater, weighing just 545 kg (1202 lb), this stylish vehicle has a 150 Nm of torque and 15 kW engine. The Tazzari Zero is a lifestyle vehicle, and will clearly demonstrate unique owner identity.

Venta Inc. is dedicated to finding, developing, and distributing environmentally friendly products and technologies in the automotive arena from all over the world to a network of car dealerships and other automotive end users. The company aims to establish its brand presence as the mass distributor of top-selling Electric Vehicles (EVs) in the marketplace available today.

EVCARCO is the first automotive retail group dedicated to deploying a coast-to-coast network of eco-friendly dealerships and vehicles. EVCARCO is bringing to market the most advanced clean technologies available in plug-in electric, hydrogen fuel injection, and alternative fuel vehicles. EVCARCO has developed a dealer network allowing growth into most US States by 2012.