Spain: The installed wind power in 2009 was 2,459 MW but will reduce the new capacity in 2010 to 1,000 MW

The wind power inscribed in 2009 in Spain amounted to 19,149 MW of wind capacity and increase in 52% the 1609 MW installed in 2008. The acceleration in the pace of installation of wind turbines is due in part to recent regulatory changes.

Every time that has changed the regulatory framework, as happened in 2004 and 2007, the developers made an effort to implement the projects under way, says the ESA. On this occasion, to come quickly before the expiration of Royal Decree 661/2007 joined the inertia of a sector that has been installing 2,000 MW on average.

The business association headed by Jose Donoso said that the increase in installed capacity of 2009 is the second largest to date, behind only the 3519 MW of 2007, but specifies that the new 2459 MW, there is 800 MW which were manufactured in 2007 and 1,300 MW in 2008.

José donoso also warns of the "stay" facing the sector, due to the commissioning of the new record of earmarking of wind power by the Ministry of Industry. The effects of the new rule "is already noticed in 2009 in the industry" and "this exercise will result in the execution of a 60% reduction in new wind farms," said the business association.

AEE says that the creation of new renewable registration resulted in the second half of 2009 in the suspension of a number of orders and the loss of 5,000 direct jobs and other indirect in the wind energy sector.

"Statistics", Donoso says, will reflect this year "effects of unnecessary administrative obstacles created by the Ministry of Industry." Of 1,003 new megawatts expected until later this year, warns, a good portion of them run out within three years of implementation by "several drawbacks that make questionable its operations this year."

Moreover, the Observatory shows that Castile and Leon, with 3882 MW this year wrested leadership of installed wind power in Castile-La Mancha (3,699 MW), and stood in front of Galicia (3,231 MW), Andalusia ( 2840 MW) and Aragon (1,753 MW). The rest of the regions does not exceed 1,000 MW.

Andalusia was the region with most new megawatts installed in 2009, with 1077 MW, followed by Castilla and León (548 MW) and the Comunidad Valenciana (289 MW), Castile-La Mancha (284 MW) and Catalonia (105 MW ).

Regarding the classification of wind farm developers, highlights the entry of new players and keeping the top was Iberdrola Renovables (4,882 MW), ahead of Acciona (3,996 MW), Neo Energy (1,581 MW) and society Natural Gas joint-Union Fenosa and Enel, EUFER (861 MW).

However, the company Acciona was further promoted more megawatts in 2009, with 359 MW, ahead of the 341 MW of Iberdrola Renovables, the 291 MW of Neo, the 247 MW and 246 MW of EUFER Endesa.

In a statement, Acciona said that during exercise increased in 1,308 MW its new megawatts through wind assets acquired Endesa after the divestment of this company, which represent about 49% increase over the cumulative figures before year end .

In addition, Gamesa comfortably leads the manufacturers’ standings, with 9065 MW by 2009 and a cumulative market share of 47.3%, ahead of the 3028 MW of Vestas and 1455 MW Acciona, which give contributions 15.8% and 7.6% respectively.