Acciona increased its wind power capacity in Spain by 49% in 2009

The 1,308 MW incorporated during the year strengthen its prominent position in the Spanish wind power sector, with a market share of 21%.

Acciona Energy has also been the strongest company in new wind power capacity implementation in the past financial year, according to data released today by the Spanish Wind Energy Association (AEE).

Acciona increased its attributable wind power capacity in Spain by 1,308 MW in 2009 to almost 4,000 MW (3,996.82 MW), in line with data released today by the Spanish Wind Energy Association (AEE). This figure, which includes the wind power assets acquired from Endesa after disinvestment in that company, represents an increase of almost 49% for Acciona on the accumulated figures at the end of the previous financial year, and strengthen the company’s prominent position in the ranking of wind power asset owners in Spain, with a market share of 20.9%.

At the start of 2009 Acciona Energy had 2,688.34 attributable MW in operation, according to the Wind Power Observatory of the AEE. Throughout 2009 it has incorporated 1,308.48 MW. This new capacity is made up of 948.78 MW previously owned by Ecyr (Endesa) that were already in service at the start of the year, and 359.70 MW installed in 2009.

This new capacity has also put Acciona in the position of the company that has installed the highest wind power capacity in Spain in 2009, with 14.56% of the total capacity installed in the country.

As for Acciona Windpower (AW), a subsidiary company dedicated to the design, manufacture and sale of wind turbines, the wind farms that entered service in 2009 with wind turbines of AW technology totalled 226.5 MW (9.17% of the total capacity implemented in the year). This has enabled the company to become the third wind turbine manufacturer in Spain, with 1,455.6 MW accumulated.

50 new wind farms

In 2009 Acciona Energy incorporated a total of 50 wind parks into its portfolio of operating assets in Spain. Thirteen of these (397.3 MW) are located in the region of Valencia; 14 (328.05 MW) in Andalusia; 13 in Galicia (308.88 MW); 7 in Castilla-La Mancha (224 MW); 2 in Castilla y León (47.25 MW) and 1 in Navarra (3 MW). The company has wind parks in ten Spanish regions.