Clayton Power develops intelligent BMS for battery management of Lithium cells

The Battery Mangement System gives new possibilities for storing for example large amounts of energy from wind turbines during night time operations, ready to be used when people wake up in the morning.

Lithium batteries are the new systems of choice, offering high energy density, flexible and lightweight design, and longer lifespan than conventional lead battery technologies.

The next generation of batteries provides new possibilities and can be used in many different areas such as, the automotive or maritime market, for off-grid systems, energy storage facilities or battery banks for alternative energy sources.

The battery systems can also be used for traction in EV’s or electric driven boats. But common for all is the demand for high security and optimal controlling of the individual lithium cells. This is done by a BMS (Battery Management System).

Clayton Power is field leaders in developing the technology to control lithium batteries on small as well as larger scale. Trough development and dedicated research Clayton Power has build a range of strong applications and products that grants the possibility to produce almost any voltage level needed.

The new Battery Management Systems from Clayton Power has been developed and tested together with leading manufacturers of lithium ion, lithium polymer and lithium titanate batteries, to meet future challenges.

As opposed to normal systems the Clayton Power BMS consists of a Master/Slave system. One Master can control up to 31 Slaves and each Slave can control up to 16 lithium cells. This gives the possibility to build a system of up to 496 cells all controlled individually by the BMS. The Master/Slave system can control from 12V to 1500V.

The BMS Master/Slave system controls charge and discharge, cell temperature and cell balancing. Also it grants information on the state of charge, battery health as well as a lot of other safety features. The flexibility of the management system allows for configuration of the BMS to communicate with specific applications or in a network of power systems.

Clayton Power has developed a big range of high quality power products which can work as "off-grid power systems". A 12, 24 or 36 volts battery voltage are being transformed to a true sine wave as we find in the public grid system.

Clayton Power was founded in the late 1990s in Denmark. The company is known for creating modern power solutions for industrial and leisure-based use of mobile power, UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), storage and backup power systems. Clayton Power has a range of robust and very compact line-card cover power products to include DC/AC power inverter technology, such as True or Pure Sine Wave Inverters, Inverter/Chargers (Combi) and Battery Management Systems (BMS) for Lithium Battery Technologies.

We have constructed a range of battery management systems that can control up to 496 cells and so we are able to build, also large scale, storage applications for instant backup power. Together with our trusted business partners we research, develop and produce applications to meet future demands for power storage.