Wind Alliance to invest 420mln euros in wind power in Serbia

Wind Alliance plans to build a group of wind turbines in the city of Pancevo with a 350 MW capacity. They have been working on the wind energy project for a year and have prepared plans to build a wind farm for electricity production.

"Serbia would emit two million tons of carbon dioxide less each year if 2.5 million households in the country used solar energy for water heating. The potential for using solar energy is high. From all renewable energy sources that are on our disposal, 14% could be solar energy," Skundric reported.

The purpose of Wind Alliance Group is to promote wind power plants all over the World, concentrating its efforts especially in South America and Europe. As a group it is integrated by several companies with the same aim which bring out their experience of being the leaders in MW and pioneers in the wind power market.

Wind Alliance Group holds a professional team adjusted to the current market’s needs and prepared for implementing the strategic plan as defined some years ago by the company’s Board of Directors. The management team is conscious of this crucial time for the alternative energies’ market in the whole World. Therefore, it has the necessary tools for successfully dealing with the proposed challenges.

Wind Alliance Group covers all required capabilities for the promotion of wind power plants, including measurement and maintenance of anemometric towers, project engineering supported by computer programs developed by the company itself through cooperation with other companies of the group and with the last technological advances in its business sector.

Each of the companies of Wind Alliance Group carries out its specific activity within a determined geographical area, in order to guarantee the success for every project and achieving at the same time the best optimization of resources and the greatest specialization regarding knowledge of applicable law and the different aspects and condition for each case.

The companies, which currently form Wind Alliance Group, are:

Wind Alliance Group has established strategic alliances and has sent its agents to counties such as Brazil, Chile, Dominican Republic, Romania or Croatia for the development of projects both of wind power energy and other types of renewable energies.