Nordex receives order for first N100/2500 project in the US

Developed by Emerging Energies of Wisconsin, the wind power project will generate nearly 64 million kilowatt hours of electricity annually, which is enough to power about 8,000 homes and displace an estimated 55,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions. The CH Energy Group, owner of the New York utility Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corporation, holds a controlling interest in the project via its unregulated subsidiary Central Hudson Enterprises.

“The project debuts some of the most advanced turbines in the US,” said Ralf Sigrist, President and CEO of Nordex, USA. “It’s been a pleasure partnering with Emerging Energies to provide the best technology for the site, designed to make the absolute most of Glenmore’s wind resources.”

The N100s are the latest generation in the Nordex family of 2.5-megawatt N80/N90 turbines. Designed specifically for low to moderate wind speeds, the N100s are ideal for numerous sites across the country, holding great potential in the US. The N100s have a hub height and rotor diameter of 100 meters, with a rotor sweep of 7,823 square meters. That translates into an increase in power yield by up to 20% at average wind speeds of around 7.5 meters per second, compared to the N90.

For the project, called the Shirley Wind Farm, Nordex will supply cold climate models of the N100s, upgraded to operate in temperatures as low as minus 20° Fahrenheit.

“We looked very carefully at the N80/N90/N100 Nordex turbines and were convinced by their great track record, along with the quality and experience Nordex brings to the market,” said Bill Rakocy, one of three founders of Emerging Energies. “We selected the N100s because they accomplish two critical project goals – maximizing available land and wind resources by using the largest, tallest turbines available. We’re excited to introduce them in the US and in Wisconsin.”

The wind energy project also represents a shift in the US market toward larger turbines with higher efficiencies and yields. In 2008, the average installed turbine was 1.67 megawatts. Nordex built the first 2.5-megawatt turbine in 2000 and has the longest track record for reliability in the multi-megawatt class, with over 1,000 installed worldwide.

Nordex will deliver and install the wind turbines in the third quarter of 2010, with project completion slated for the fourth quarter. The order also includes maintenance and technical operation under a 10 year service contract. The project carries a 20-year power purchase agreement contract with Wisconsin Public Service Corporation.

“We believe the Shirley wind investment will provide the stability and predictability in earnings and cash flow that our shareholders value,” said Steven Lant, Chairman of the Board, President and CEO of CH Energy Group. “It strengthens our portfolio of unregulated ventures, complimenting our utility Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corporation.”

Nordex USA is currently building a manufacturing plant in Jonesboro, Arkansas, which will produce N90/N100 turbines for the US market beginning in September 2010.

As one of the technological leaders in multi-megawatt wind power systems, Nordex is benefiting from the trend in favor of large-scale turbines. The range comprises one of the world’s largest series-produced wind turbines (N80/N90/N100 2,500 kW). To date, over 1,000 turbines of this type have been installed around the world. This experience with multi-megawatt turbines gives Nordex a decisive lead over most of its competitors. Nordex has installed more than 3,900 turbines with an aggregate capacity of around 5,400 MW all around the world. With exports accounting for over 95 percent of its business, Nordex AG plays a key role in international high-growth regions. The Company has offices and subsidiaries in 18 countries around the world. The Group currently has 2,200 employees around the world.