LM Glasfiber continues to adapt its manufacturing base to meet a shift in global demand and invests in R&D

The world’s leading manufacturer of rotor blades for wind turbines, LM Glasfiber, today announced plans for an additional series of actions to increase its competitiveness, including the intention to adapt the European organization due to a shift in world-wide demand in wind power and a decrease in orders in Europe.

This involves plans to phase out large scale manufacturing at two factories in Denmark and one in Spain, investing in a new global Technology Center in Denmark, and continuing to build its presence in high growth markets, primarily China.

The planned changes are motivated by increasing competition in the wind energy industry and shift in demand to markets outside Europe. The effect of this is the potential reduction of the European workforce by close to 900 employees, the majority in Denmark.

"We need to increase capacity where there is a high demand and high potential, and scale down where demand has dropped due to the global crisis, which is sadly the case in Europe. Unfortunately, this means announcing plans to phase out large scale manufacturing at two factories in Denmark and one in Spain. Making the proposal to cease production in the factories in Denmark has been especially difficult as it will entail letting close to 700 of our skilled employees go. However, it is a necessary step to allow us to remain the preferred partner for wind turbine manufacturers in the global marketplace," said Iain Gow, Chief Operating Officer, LM Glasfiber.

These planned actions follow several previous announcements regarding expansion in growing markets, including further investments in capacity in China, showing LM Glasfiber’s sustained commitment to wind energy’s global potential.

LM Glasfiber will maintain production of the world’s longest commercially available blade in Denmark, the 61.5 meter blade primarily for the off-shore market. Together with the new Technology Center, LM Glasfiber will continue to employ more than 500 people in Denmark.

"Denmark is the place to be when it comes to know-how and expertise in wind energy and this is why we intend to strengthen our global knowledge base there and to integrate a number of the skilled manufacturing workers and existing facilities into a new global Technology Center. This center will include more than 200 engineers, technicians and operators once fully operational and will be a key initiative to reinforce our market leadership in the development of blades that are more energy efficient, reliable and competitive," said Iain Gow.