Global Small Wind Market

With increase in small wind power uptake in US and UK and other countries looking to replicate policy measures from the US and the UK for small wind, the annually installed capacity is expected to increase to 1050 MW by 2013. Apart from US and UK; China and many European countries such as Denmark, Germany, Spain, and Italy are expected to lead small wind power uptake in the future.

Small wind turbine manufacturers operate through two distribution channel routes; one through a network established by dealers and sub-dealers to reach retail stores, and the other through internet marketing and online sales giving detailed product specifications and information which helps the customer to make purchase decisions.

Each state has a dealer network of around 3-4 main dealers who are responsible for the sales of their region. Dealers are given training about the company specific products including siting, operations, installation and servicing. With expected increase in demand, wind turbine manufacturers are increasing investments in building a dealership network and establishing training facilities.

The presence of poor permitting practices and unnecessarily restrictive regulations are the major market barriers discouraging customer interests and investments. Reliability is also a major issue for small wind turbines as many units introduced earlier were not reliable.

Small wind turbine manufacturers have often been criticized for making performance claims which do not match with reality. This has led to distrust among customers leading to damage in reputation for the industry as well as restricted growth prospects for the future.

GlobalData’s latest report “Global Small Wind Market Analysis and Forecasts to 2013” report gives an in-depth analysis of the global small wind energy market and provides forecast estimates up to 2013. The research analyzes the key trends, major issues and growth opportunities in global small wind market.

The report also provides detailed information on the present and upcoming technology trends in the small wind turbine market. Detailed product comparison is given for small wind turbines of different companies. In depth cost comparison is also provided with small wind turbines installed at different locations.