ReNu Personal Power Generation and Storage System to Be Unveiled October 19

ReNu, the most technologically advanced and eye-catching personal solar capture and storage device ever created, will be unveiled on Oct. 19 in Phoenix when it appears at the prestigious i-stage competition, a key lead-up event to the 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show. ReNu, from light-powered electronics company Regen, is among 11 finalists chosen to compete for top honors at i-stage. Regen CEO David Pierce will give a full presentation of the ReNu panel in Phoenix.

ReNu is the debut product from Regen Inc., a new company formed by Ammunition LLC, a leading design and development firm based in San Francisco, and Noribachi, a cleantech venture accelerator. All Regen products marry compelling design with patented solar technology to create consumer electronics that both empower and inspire.

“We’re excited to push the boundaries of personal power generation and really change the way people think of energy creation and use in consumer electronics,” says Robert Brunner, Regen’s Chief Designer and the founder of Ammunition. “Nothing like the ReNu exists on the market and we believe it will turn heads and help change the way people power their personal electronics.”

Core to the ReNu system is the ReNu panel, a freestanding power module containing solar cells, a rechargeable battery and an intelligent user interface. The panel can be hung or placed in direct light to capture energy. When replenished by sunlight, a user can drop a ReNu panel into one of a series of Regen extensions to utilize the energy they have created. ReNu extensions include a phone charging system, personal audio, and task lighting. The ReNu panel can also charge an iPhone, iPod or USB device directly.

Key to all Regen products is an intelligent interface that engages the user in energy collection and management. This interface details how much of the sun’s energy has been harvested and how much remains in storage, cueing users when it is time to place the ReNu panel in a sunny window or outdoors. In addition to its patented solar technology and interface, the ReNu panel features a Lithium Ion battery that can hold enough power to charge an iPhone twice.

“Simply put, Regen’s goal is to change the energy equation in personal and consumer electronics”, says David Pierce, Regen’s Chief Executive Officer. “We’re making power generation at the point of use easy, beautiful and accessible. Everything we bring to market will produce energy, not just consume it.”

At i-stage, Regen will be vying for the attention that comes with being named one of the most important consumer electronics products of the year, a high-profile exhibit at the 2010 International CES, and a booth at CES Unveiled in New York or Las Vegas. A prestigious panel of experts and technology starmakers will judge Regen and the other finalists. Stakes are high: last year’s winner was named one of the most important inventions of the next 20 years by the panel of i-stage judges.

In the coming months Regen will begin releasing its portfolio of products that run on light power including: ReNu iPhone Dock, ReNu Sound Dock and ReNu Side Light.

Regen creates personal and home electronics powered by light, and works with manufacturers and distributors to bring them to market. At the heart of the company is a belief that leaping forward toward solar powered electronics should not require stepping back from performance, design, and enjoyment. The cornerstone of its products is the Regen Smart Power Architecture – a new solar collection, storage, and hybrid power management platform. Founded by cleantech venture accelerator, Noribachi LLC, and Ammunition LLC, a San Francisco-based design firm, the Regen team is developing a new wave of self- powered products that are at once practical, beautiful, and easy to use and enjoy.

At Regen we create personal and home electronics powered by light. At the heart of our work is the belief that leaping forward toward solar powered electronics should not require stepping back from performance, design, and enjoyment. In addition to making beautiful electronics, our ultimate aim is to make useful, self-powered products accessible to the greatest number of people possible, and to turn self-power into the preferred standard for personal and home electronics everywhere.