Leading European Utility Selects PCN Technology Inc. for Smart Grid Pilot

PGE (Polska Grupa Energetyczna), the largest utility in Poland and one of the biggest in Europe has chosen PCN Technology Inc. for its Smart Grid pilot launch in Warsaw. The only American company selected, PCN will play a critical role in transforming the utility’s system into a totally integrated infrastructure with smart meters and underlying data and energy networks to deliver smart grid service benefits to PGE customers.

"PCN is very pleased about this latest engagement, and honored to be selected following such a rigorous competitive examination. This will mean a new opportunity to demonstrate how we capitalize on existing infrastructure and our adaptive channeling technology including its low latency to more quickly deliver the promise of the Smart Grid" said Venkat Shastri, CEO of PCN.

Key to the performance of the company’s medium band width power line communication system is its novel ability to incorporate legacy proprietary architectures with new, secure open standard solutions. This results in an integrated, IP enabled communications and energy management infrastructure.

The PCN / PGE pilot project upon completion includes a planned first roll out of approximately 800,000 smart meters for customers around Warsaw. Nearly 5 million customers in Poland call PGE their energy company.

PCN is a San Diego based power line and communication Systems Company that helps utilities, manufacturers, and other companies establish completely unified Smart Grids. The company’s Grid MicroCircuitsâ„¢ technology readily converts existing non integrated networks dependent on various media "pipes" (including wireless), into a single, seamless, interactive system, unaffected by interference and energy flow qualities. The resulting architecture delivers: a) A combination of energy and time-critical data applications including Demand Response capabilities at a level of integration not previously available, and b) A secure and powerful end to end communications network able to withstand even blackout events. Fortune 1000 customers include leading utilities and other organizations investing in Smart Grid development.

PGE (Polska Grupa Energetyczna) is the largest company in the energy and power sector in Poland and one of the largest in Central and Eastern Europe. As a vertically integrated company, its primary business divisions are Mining and Generation, Renewable Energy, Wholesale Trade, Distribution and Retail Sales. The PGE Group also includes two large lignite mines (including one of the largest in Europe), more than 40 power plants and combined heat and power plants (including power plants that produce energy from renewable sources, wind power and hydropower plants), eight distribution system operators, and eight Retail Sales Companies. Additionally, two nuclear power plants are under co-development. Soon to be publicly owned, the company accounts for 42% of the country’s generation capacity and has an employee base of nearly 47,000 employees.