Iberdrola Renovables capacity up by 2,000 MW over the past twelve months

Iberdrola Renovables the world’s leading wind power company, has driven up its installed capacity over the past twelve months in 1,990 MW, to 10,477 MW, representing a 23.4% increase. With this capacity, the Company can avoid the emission of nearly 8.5 million tonnes of CO2 per year and supply power to some 21 million Spaniards.

By the end of September, the Company’s installed capacity outside Spain reached 50.3% of the total, surpassing domestic capacity for the first time. IBERDROLA RENOVABLES has operations in 23 countries.

Close to 60% of the new capacity (1,140 MW) was installed in the US, taking the total there to 3,459 MW at 30 September, 50% higher than the year-earlier figure. A significant part of the Company’s growth was in the US, due, among other factors, to a favourable regulatory environment.

In the UK, another key market for IBERDROLA RENOVABLES, capacity rose 30% to 802 MW.

IBERDROLA RENOVABLES now has installed capacity of 5,200 MW in Spain. Wind power capacity stood at 4,806 MW, marking a 356 MW increase over the previous twelve months. The Company also has 342 MW of small-scale hydroelectric power in Spain, 50 MW at its first solar thermal plant in Puertollano (Ciudad Real) and 2 MW at its first biomass power plant in Corduente (Guadalajara).

By regions, Castilla-La Mancha has the highest installed capacity, with 1,981 MW at the end of the third quarter of the year, followed by Castilla y León (1,160 MW), Galicia (627 MW), Andalusia (547 MW), Aragon (278 MW), La Rioja (248 MW), the Basque Country (153 MW), Murcia (76 MW), Valencia (56 MW), Navarre (44 MW), Cantabria (23 MW), Extremadura (5 MW) and Madrid (1 MW).

In the Rest of the World, IBERDROLA RENOVABLES installed capacity at 30 September stood at 1,016 MW, 33,3% higher than the year before. The Company has 245 MW in France, 219 MW in Greece, 161 MW in Poland, 92 MW in Portugal, 80 MW in Mexico, 63 MW in Germany, 57 MW in Italy, 50 MW in Hungary and 49 MW in Brazil.

Between January and September 2009, installed capacity increased by 1,176 MW (of which 1,122 was wind power and 54 MW other technologies). The increase in wind power breaks down as follows: 281 MW in Spain, 582 MW in the US, 137 MW in the UK and 122 MW in the Rest of the World.

Electricity output at IBERDROLA RENOVABLES rose 24.4% to 15,052 million kWh over the past twelve months (14,566 million kWh wind power output, 477 million kWh mini hydro, and 9 million kWh other technologies).

In its wind power segment, 6,346 million kWh of the Company’s output, or 42,1% of the total, is generated in Spain; 5,735 million kWh is produced in the United States; 1,272 million kWh in the UK; and 1,213 million kWh in the Rest of the World. Of the total, 96.8% of the energy generated by the Company worldwide is wind power.