OPDE U.S Corporation to build 24 Megawatt Solar Facility in Yolo County, California

The project is expected to generate 100 full time jobs during the 18 month construction phase and 15 full time permanent facility maintenance jobs.

The project’s energy production will provide renewable power generation for approximately 6,000 typical California homes.

OPDE U.S. Corporation and the Sacramento-Yolo Port District entered into an agreement on September 2nd to facilitate OPDE U.S. in developing a 24 Megawatt (MW) solar power generation facility using MECASOLAR single axis tracking arrays manufactured in the U.S.. The project will be located on 160 acres in Yolo County, California. OPDE U.S. is excited to have the opportunity to work with the staff of the City of West Sacramento and the port, who have shown a very progressive and entrepreneurial spirit in considering the merits of this project.

The Project will be built on public land leased from the Sacramento-Yolo Port District, a public entity of the State of California formed under the River Port District Act. The port commission authorized city/port staff to continue negotiations with OPDE U.S. during a regularly scheduled board meeting. Interconnection applications, site environmental review, and county use permits are underway.

The facility will incorporate 1,800 MECASOLAR MS-1E TRACKER 10 seasonal one axis azimuth trackers. In addition to the MECASOLAR trackers, the project will include 3,598 SMA America 6000 US Inverters with a 97 percent efficiency and 104,348 high efficiency 230 Wp Photovoltaic (PV) Modules produced by Trina solar and/or REC.

OPDE Top Solar Farm Developer in Spain

Invest in Solar Energy, a safe investment, guaranteed for 25 years.

OPDE is a company with a mission focused on the Development of Solar Photovoltaic Plants. To do so OPDE brings together several investors who are interested in investing in the production of solar photovoltaic energy connected to the grid and groups them together into the same Solar Plant. Our functions include capturing and bringing together various investors, development and contracting the engineering and turnkey project, requesting of grants from IDAE, ICO and the Regional Government, registration of the facility with the Dept. of Industry, formalisation of the contract with the electricity company and the start up of the facility. OPDE is responsible for contracting the minimum maintenance required by the Photovoltaic Solar Plant. And formalizing a global insurance policy that covers any damage carried out to the investment. OPDE is also responsible for the physical monitoring and remote surveillance with security cameras.

The differential competitive advantages we offer are:

OPDE boasts an engineering company who carries out projects on a turnkey basis and who takes on the entire engineering procurement, civil works, commissioning and management of the connection to the grid, as well as the delivery to the customer of the Solar Plant.

A SURE INVESTMENT: Our developments have the maximum guarantees in terms of execution times, as well as a return on investment. OPDE´s solar plants have the most efficient security and surveillance measures in the sector, offering maximum security to your investment, as well as the corresponding insurance which covers any damage that your facility could suffer.

PROFITABILITY: OPDE offers investors who come together, facilities that provide maximum profitability on kWh production. Our dual-axis solar tracker from MECASOLAR; who belongs to the OPDE Group, will allow production to be increased by 35%.

INVESTMENT AID: OPDE ensures that their investors obtain the maximum amount of non-refundable aid, as well as the best electricity tariff. To do so OPDE has prepared all the necessary documentation so that investors can obtain soft financing and grants at both national and regional levels. The issue of financing, as well as national and regional aid schemes shall be subject to the terms and conditions that exist in each region at the time. Furthermore OPDE has agreements with various banks for financing our client’s investment, always subject to customer creditworthiness appraisal by the entity.

TOP QUALITY MATERIALS: All developments promoted by OPDE use top quality materials to ensure the best long-term returns on investment. OPDE has supply agreements for quality and deadlines with photovoltaic solar panel, solar converter and solar tracker suppliers.

EXPERIENCE: OPDE has the experience of having already promoted Solar Plants; which have obtained maximum performance and whose clients have received optimum levels of help with facilities being delivered to the customer within the established timeframe. Learn about developments we have already carried out and visit our Solar Plants. In late 2008, OPDE promoted and built more than 53 MW throughout Spain, and a further 20 MW for other promoters, with these 73 MW giving them total leadership as regards building and development.

OPDE currently has sufficient experience to address the promotion of Solar Photovoltaic grid connected Plants anywhere in Spain, since it has an expanding network of branches both present and future, as well as offices in Spain, Greece, Italy and USA.