Micro Bubble Technologies Unveils M-Fuel and CNT-Battery

Micro Bubble Technologies Inc. ("MBT"), the operating subsidiary of EcoloCap Solutions Inc. (OTCBB: ECOS), will be hosting an event at its Korean factory on Tuesday November 3, 2009, to showcase its two core technologies, M-Fuel and the CNT-Battery, for the first time to the public.

Attendees of the event will take part in demonstrations of M-Fuel used on a boat, truck, and stationary diesel engines, along with observing M-Fuel being burned in open and closed furnace applications. Each demonstration of M-Fuel will be connected to emission monitoring equipment that will evidence and record the reduction of emissions produced by the burning of M-Fuel compared to that of traditional fuels.

MBT will also be holding demonstrations of the discharge and charging characteristics of their Carbon Nano Tube Battery (CNT-Battery). These batteries yield up to 8 times the reserve capacity and recharge in less than ten minutes compared to a similar type battery. MBT is currently offering a 5 year limited replacement guarantee on all CNT-Batteries charged with the MBT designed charger system.

This long awaited presentation of MBT’s M-Fuel and CNT-Battery to the public will illustrate and confirm the unique characteristics of these revolutionary technologies. Michael Siegel, President and CEO of EcoloCap Solutions Inc. and Micro Bubble Technologies Inc. stated: "This is a truly exciting event for the Company. It will be open to the press, distributors, vendors and those individuals and businesses interested in implementing the technology and we expect this occasion to generate a great deal of positive response."

This event corresponds to the unveiling of the Version 3.0 of the NPU-60 and Version 1.0 of the NPU-10. These Nano Processing Units (NPU) are the self-contained devices that mix M-Fuel, and have the capacity to produce 60 tons and 10 tons of M-Fuel per 24-hour period respectively. In addition, MBT also announces the official name of their proprietary Emulsion Fuel (M-Fuel). This water, nano oil particle and gas suspension fuel will now be known as M-Fuel.

Micro Bubble Technology Signs $2M Agreement for Distribution Right of its Carbon Nano Tube Battery

Micro Bubble Technology, the new subsidiary of EcoloCap Solutions, (OTC-BB: ECOS) (“MBT”) has signed an agreement with Next-Alternative Inc, which agreed to pay $2 million in return for the exclusive right to market and distribute MBT’s Carbon Nano Tube Battery for wheeled applications in North America,

In addition, Next-Alternative as a distributor for MBT’s EM Fuel, has sold an EM-Fuel Nanomizer to make EM-Fuel for use in Montreal. Initially EM-Fuel will be used for delivery trucks. This first EM-Fuel Nanomizer sold in North America will produce 60 metric tons of EM-Fuel per 24-hour period. Although this sale is substantial, the main impact for the company is that it will create recurring revenue through sale of the additive needed in the production of EM Fuel.

Michael Siegel, President and CEO of Micro Bubble and EcoloCap stated: “The use of EM-Fuel is significant in the reduction of both emissions and cost. When EM-Fuel is used, replacing diesel or bunker fuel, there is a 60% reduction in emission (CO2, NOx, and particulate matter) a 40% reduction in fuel, and approximately 25% reduction in cost of fuel and maintenance of the diesel engine. We plan to deliver the third version of the Nanomizer with enhanced capabilities in October.

As for our CNT Batteries, we are establishing two initial production lines, one of which will be dedicated to Next-Alternative for distribution to the golf cart industry. The Carbon Nano Tube Batteries (“CNT Batteries”) will sell for a slight premium to a similar type battery, but will yield up to 8 times the reserve capacity, recharge in less that ten minutes and MBT will offer a 5 year limited replacement guarantee if the battery is charged with the MBT charger system.”


Micro Bubble Technologies Inc. ("MBT") is a "green" nanotechnology company, focused on improving alternative energy solutions through the development and marketing of their nanotechnology-based energy products. MBT’s Carbon Nano Tube battery (CNT-Battery) demonstrated to have 8 times the energy reserve capacity of traditional lead-acid batteries, 2.5 times that of lithium-ion batteries and a recharge time of five to 10 minutes; all for a slight premium over the price of similar lead-acid battery. MBT’s M-Fuel technology processes oil with water and a special additive through its proprietary NPU system. The results provide a 60% reduction in emissions, a 40% reduction in oil consumption, and up to a 25% reduction in cost of fuel and engine maintenance. These reduced emissions will also generate Carbon Credits, which can be sold on the open market, for those users in countries participating in the Kyoto Protocol of the United Nations. MBT markets its products worldwide either directly or through agreements with distributors and is presently exploring distributors in Europe.