LGC Skyrota Wind Energy Corp. Selected by Eco Wind Power to Provide Gearbox Maintenance Services

LGC Skyrota Wind Energy Corp. ("LGC Skyrota" "the Company") (TSX-V: LGS) announced today that its large wind turbine gearbox maintenance division, LGC, has been selected as the preferred supplier of gearbox maintenance services by Eco Wind Power Limited ("Eco Wind Power"), a Dublin-based wind farm operator.

Each wind turbine contains a gearbox that requires full maintenance and repair services every seven to eight years at an average cost of approximately C$50,000. At present, 17 of Eco Wind Power’s turbines have surpassed the seven to eight year time frame and require immediate refurbishment, while 12 turbines are approaching the deadline and will require maintenance within the next two years.

K. Dallas, Operations Manager of Eco Wind Power, stated, "With 10 failures in the fleet to date, it was essential that a preferred repair company was sought. Based on an inspection of LGC’s operations and a closer inspection within the workshop, coupled with previous repairs performed by LGC, Eco Wind Power found the service to be technically high. We have elected LGC as our preferred gearbox repair company."

"We are pleased to have been chosen by Eco Wind Power to provide gearbox maintenance services for their existing and growing inventory of turbines," said Richard Hogg, Managing Director of LGC. "We look forward to working with them as they progress in the rapidly expanding wind energy industry. Our recently purchased facility in Limavady, Northern Ireland contains the enhanced production space and capabilities necessary to provide superior maintenance services for Eco Wind Power as well as all of our existing and future maintenance customers."

LGC Skyrota’s existing maintenance customers include:

– Vestas Wind Systems, the largest wind turbine manufacturer in the world;
– Airtricity, a wind farm developer with 40 wind farms across Europe and North America;
– Viridian Group, the leading independent energy company in the all-Ireland market; and
– Hibernian Wind Power, a Dublin-based company that develops, operates and maintains wind farms throughout Ireland.

Eco Wind Power, as a subsidiary of Viridian Power and Energy Holdings, owns five operational wind farms and is in the process of developing further sites within the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Its operational wind farms use gearboxes from a variety of manufacturers.

About LGC Skyrota Wind Energy Corp.

LGC Skyrota Wind Energy Corp. is a leader in the development and maintenance of clean-energy producing wind turbines. With operations based in Northern Ireland and executive offices located in Vancouver, B.C., the Company is well-positioned to expand throughout Europe and enter the North American market. The Company operates two business divisions: LGC, which rebuilds gearboxes for large wind turbines, and Skyrota, which manufactures a revolutionary 5kW small vertical-axis wind turbine. LGC Skyrota trades on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol LGS. For more information, please visit www.limgear.com and www.skyrota.com.